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Watches are important to men, just like jewellery for women. A man, who loves his watch, can’t go a day without it; he realizes its importance in leaving a lasting first impression when faced with a stranger. However, in the midst of looking for the right timepiece, we often tend to take for granted the very fiber of a watch’s being – its strap. The material used to strap in your beloved timepiece goes to say a lot about who you are and where your priorities lie.

To an outsider, the strap you adorn is more prominent than the dial itself. Without its strap, the wristwatch is unable to serve its most elementary function – not only in terms of practicality but also in terms of style. Today, decadent pieces of luxurious timekeeping come with equally note-worthy straps and you can find one of your choice at Ethos Watch Boutiques.

Be it leather, stainless steel, 18k gold or rubber, straps of men’s watches have simultaneously evolved with the dial. Characterized by immaculate craftsmanship and awe-inspiring aesthetics, contemporary dials are complimented with perfectly matched straps. Together in harmony, the strap and the dial are able to create a strong perception about your personality, your character and your attitude.

Here’s looking at three timeless strap styles – each one making a style statement in itself:

The Leather Strap – Michael Kors Gage

The Leather Strap – Michael Kors Gage

When we think of a classic timepiece, we think of a neat dial and black leather strap. Truly timeless in its design, leather straps have solidified their position as a special ingredient in every successful watchmaker’s recipe book. Ranging from crocodile to snake skin, leather has found an invariable association with the understated elegance of a luxury watch. As pictured above, the Michael Kors Gage stands true to its name, with its simplistic design and faithful aesthetics. The leather strapped range of watches by Michael Kors is an exemplification of detailed craftsmanship and sophisticated artistry.

The Steel Strap – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Collection

The Steel Strap – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Collection

Over centuries, generations of influential men have chosen steel straps as their preferred companion. Traditionally known to be a best fit for the hardened man, today metal straps are adorned by men with varied personalities, as a symbol of strength, durability and ability to endure difficult situations. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply any form of compromise on style or elegance. Watches with a metal strap, The Oyster Perpetual Collection by Rolex is a case in point. Rolex makes use of 904L stainless steel to craft its steel straps. The precious material is otherwise used in aerospace, chemical and technology industries, on account of its high-resistance quality against corrosion. Strapped in with a strong material that will remain beautiful even in the harshest conditions; the Oyster Perpetual Collection is timeless in its elegant aesthetics and minimalistic sophistication. A man adorning this invariably gorgeous timepiece establishes himself as one who is willing to settle for nothing for the best.

The Rubber Strap – Hublot Classic Fusion

The Rubber Strap – Hublot Classic Fusion

No one could’ve said it better than Hublot itself – “The importance of the strap to a watch is comparable to that of a pair of shoes for an outfit. Each Hublot watch comes with a seamlessly matched strap that becomes an integral element of the overall design”. The first to use rubber in watchstraps, Hublot is known to use cutting edge technologyand precision to produce unique rubber straps. They are available in varied textures and colours, customized to seamlessly integrate with the distinctive design elements of the dial. Of all others, the Classic Fusion Collection by Hublot is specifically celebrated for the high sense of style, comfort and sturdiness of its rubber straps.

What you select to compliment your wrist around the clock is a strong indicator of your character and appeal. Choose a strap that best matches your personal sense of style and refined taste in fashion.

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