Spring detox, or How to quickly cleanse the body and become happy

Spring is the best time to detoxify the body. Light day becomes more, the body wakes up from hibernation, and many start seasonal allergies. To alleviate the symptoms or get rid of them altogether, detox comes to our aid - the process of cleansing the body of toxins: we remove old toxins and try to minimize the flow and production of new ones.

Basic principles of detox:

  1. Try to observe the “water” regime: the more simple pure water you drink, the less toxins will remain in the body. Gradually increase your water intake to three liters. Dehydration is a big problem for city dwellers. Especially after the winter spent in an embrace with batteries.
  2. Include in the diet as much as possible fresh vegetables and fruits! Try to have enough of them in every meal. Do not forget about fresh greens, it promotes cleansing and contains many useful substances.Try to choose ripe, ripe fruits - the concentration of vitamins and minerals in them is maximum.
  3. Exclude from your diet animal products and products that have undergone a high degree of processing. Animal products seriously shake the body, reducing the acid-base balance, are not digested and thereby produce toxins in the intestine. Refined products and chemical additives badly affect the digestive system, interfering with the absorption of essential trace elements. Sugar, white flour, carbonated drinks, fast food, deep-fried food or deep fried will not give you the effect of purification.
  4. Replace bad habits with healthy ones. Instead of coffee in the morning, drink freshly squeezed juice with pulp or green smoothies - they will help to invigorate and, unlike coffee, which causes only harm to the body, will promote cleansing.
  5. Alcohol, cigarettes - all this adversely affects our body and mind. Learn to enjoy life without them. For relaxation, use yoga, meditation, breathing practices, dancing, chatting with friends or going to a beauty salon.
  6. Movement is life. Find the kind of physical activity that you enjoy,- the main body cleansing occurs through the respiratory system, and physical activity allows us to better saturate our organs with oxygen. Try to walk in the park every day - saturate your body with fresh air. Also, physical activity contributes to good digestion and active work of all organs of excretion, through which the main process of purification of the body from toxic substances takes place.
  7. Sweat regularly. Our body gets rid of toxins through sweat as well. Try to go to the bathhouse regularly or engage in active sports.
  8. Smile at your reflection in the mirror and find at least 5 good things in your life every day. Positive thoughts and good mood will help your nervous system to maintain hormonal balance and cope with stress. Remember that negative thoughts increase stress hormones, which is one of the main producers of toxins. Take time to meditate, at least for 5 minutes a day, be alone with yourself, with your eyes closed, your back straight, and focus on breathing.
  9. Try to sleep for 7–9 hours every night. Full sleep is very important.If the body is not restored, it has no energy to cleanse; In addition, lack of sleep is a serious stress.
  10. Watch your breath. Improper breathing can serve as a result of stifling the body, causing stress throughout the body. Try to breathe evenly and slowly, during the day, pay attention to breathing: you may be holding it up when you are very concentrated at work, or you begin to breathe unevenly when you feel responsible. Watch for yourself and try to breathe calmly in any situation, thereby helping the parasympathetic nervous system to be active, and the body to not produce toxins and be cleansed through breathing.

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And most importantly - be happy. To be happy is a conscious choice. Forget about ideals and standards, find good in every situation. Learn to control your thoughts and consciousness. Very often, our disturbing and negative thoughts create blocks and diseases in our body. Try to be kind to yourself and others, do not compare yourself with others, try not to react to each situation, but to make several cycles of breathing before answering or evaluating what is happening. Focus on long-term change.Do not sit on diets, eat a balanced, varied and conscious. Gradually introduce new useful habits into your life and cleanse the body gently. Take care of yourself and remember that the body is a temple, try to keep it clean and tidy!

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