Slipons - comfortable and stylish shoes

Beautiful and fashionable shoes may well be comfortable! And one more proof of this - it's slipona. This is a great option for active girls every day. But how and with what to wear them correctly?

What are slipons?

Slip-ons are, in fact, sneakers on a rather thick rubber sole, without laces. As a rule, on the sides there are small rubber inserts that allow you to quickly and easily put on and take off such shoes. By the way, from English the name translates as “put on” (“slip on”).

Created the slipons in 1977 by Paul Van Doren (this is the founder of Vans), and they were originally intended for surfing. But in the early 80s of the last century, the film “Rapid Changes in the School of Ridgemont High” was released, in which the main character wore such shoes all the time.

And since then, it has gained popularity, but it has become especially popular due to the “emo” subculture, whose representatives wore slipons in a cage. And today, such shoes are a real trend and loved by many for its simplicity, comfort and convenience.

How to make a choice?

How to choose fashionable, stylish and comfortable slipona? Pay attention to such moments as:

  1. Material. Most often there are textile slipona on sale, and this option is very convenient, because it allows the legs to "breathe", which prevents excessive sweating and gives comfort throughout the day. But you can also find models from other materials, such as dermantin or canvas. These options are also appropriate, but they should be chosen in the cool season, as in the summer your feet will sweat. There are leather and even suede models, but they are, respectively, more expensive. But natural materials last longer and retain all their qualities.
  2. Colors and prints. The most common and considered everyday option is the one-color models. But do not consider them boring. For example, white slip-ons will refresh and make any image airy and light. A bright and juicy tone will add freshness and attract attention. Black slip-ons are a classic everyday option. If you want to choose a model for special occasions, then pay attention to stylish prints: leopard, tiger and other animalistic, floral and plant prints, various stripes, geometric or abstract. Also in the fashion of youth cartoon images.
  3. Sole.An important criterion is its thickness. The thicker it is, the better. First, you will look taller and your legs slimmer. Secondly, you do not get wet, stepping into a small puddle, rubber outsole will protect your feet. Thirdly, it is a perfect shock absorption, as well as comfort while walking or even running.
  4. Decorative items. Jewelry is loved by almost all the girls, and they may well be present even on slip-ups. Usually for the decor used inserts of lace or other materials, rhinestones, stones, appliques, embroidery and so on. And such elements can turn slip-overs into feminine and romantic shoes, combined with elegant clothes.
  5. Pay attention to the quality of shoes. So, all seams should be high-quality and even, sticking threads are not allowed. Consider mounting the sole: traces of glue should not be noticeable.

How to wear it correctly?

So, with what to wear fashionable female slips? There are a lot of options:

  • Jeans, and both skinny "skinny" and more loose "boyfriends." And to emphasize the elegance of female legs, you can wrap the cuff, it is still relevant.
  • Tapered shortened trousers "pipes".They look more feminine and elegant than jeans, but still the image remains free, youthful and fresh.
  • Girls can easily combine slips with leggings, including sports.
  • It is possible to wear a tracksuit, the footwear in question will harmoniously fit into such an image and is suitable for an active day or even training.
  • Denim shorts highlight the beauty of your slim legs. In the summer this is what we need!
  • If you want to create a naughty and playful image, then safely wear a jumpsuit. Choosing shoes for such a garment is not easy, but slip-ons will be the perfect option!
  • In cool weather, you can wear a leather jacket, including a leather jacket.
  • Cardigans are combined with slip-ons, and such clothes will make the image more soft and tender.
  • Skirts, and the most diverse: youth denim, light chiffon or silk, puffy, pleated and even elegant and sexy pencil models. But here the length of the maxi will be inappropriate, other options are allowed.
  • Slip can be combined with a dress. If you want to create a sporty image, then choose a simple knit or denim model of a free cut.It will ideally fit into the image of a tennis or dress shirt. But it is possible to choose a more romantic model of a fitted silhouette, made of chiffon or other light flowing fabric. Playing on contrasts sometimes brings zest to the kit, so try to combine the incompatible, such experiments are useful and welcome.
  • The slip looks stylish with jumper and sweat shots, which are so popular in recent times.
  • Various T-shirts, tops and T-shirts: both tight-fitting and loose.


A few tips for those who decide to start wearing slip-ons:

  1. It is not necessary to wear socks under such shoes, it is worn on a bare foot. If you do not follow this rule, the image can become ridiculous. But here tights with slip-ons are perfectly combined; in cool weather, girls can and should even wear them.
  2. So that your slipons always look perfect, care for them. And it is actually very simple: just wipe them with a damp soft cloth after each walk. And with significant contamination, they can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, choosing a mode designed specifically for shoes.
  3. You can not decide on a model? Look at the photo in the fashion magazine, they will probably help you make the right choice and find something to your liking.
  4. Do not overload the image with prints and juicy shades. So, if you have made a bright set of clothes, then the shoes should be more restrained: preferably monophonic and executed in calm classical tones. If the top is laconic, the slip can be bright and creative.
  5. Perhaps, the only thing with which it is not worth combining slips is classic and strict clothing. Such a set will look disharmonious and ridiculous.

Be sure to buy slip-ons to look stylish and enjoy the comfort!

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