Sleep mask with flowers

Wonderful Sleep Mask with flowerswith your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  1. fabric (decorative - for the front and inside, soft - for filling);
  2. needle, thread, scissors
  3. pattern, you can use the pattern from this MK (if necessary, zoom in) or make your own;
  4. pencil;
  5. textile elastic band

Step 1

Circle the pattern of the mask on each type of fabric.

Step 2

Cut out the resulting details.

Step 3

Cut the pattern along the dotted line. If you use your own pattern, reduce it by a centimeter on each side.

Step 4

Transfer the new smaller pattern to the wrong side of the parts.

Step 5

Cut the gum of the required length.

Fold the parts in the following sequence: a piece of fabric to be printed,a piece of colored fabric (face up), an elastic band (fold it so that about 5 mm remains on each side), a piece of fabric for the inner side (face down).

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