Slate board - a fashionable accent in the interior

If you want to complement and refresh the interior, then use such an unusual and stylish accessory as a slate!

Slate - solid benefits!

To some, a slate may seem incomprehensible and completely unnecessary and non-functional piece of furniture, but it is not. This accessory can be used for different purposes and provide a lot of opportunities. First, it will allow you to hide some defects, for example, unevenness on the wall or holes. Secondly, you can interestingly draw one of the sides of the room and make it a bright and unusual accent. In the photo you can see a few good examples.

Thirdly, this accessory will provide an opportunity to update and change the design, because on the surface you can create various drawings, inscriptions and images. This is a real “living” creative canvas and a field for the realization of bold ideas and display of creative abilities!

Fourthly, the board can become a certain means of communication, communication and interaction between residents of an apartment or house: you can leave important messages on it, write pleasant notes or even complete letters asking for forgiveness or declarations of love. And finally, fifthly, this element of the interior will be especially useful for children and creative people who will be able to use the canvas for teaching, developing and searching for new ideas and inspiration.

Features of the application in the interior

How to use such an unusual and for many an unusual accessory as a slate board? Contrary to popular belief, it will fit into the interior of almost any room. And here are some ideas for the application:

  • Slate board will help to refresh the design of the bedroom and even diversify family relationships, because you can leave pleasant wishes on it or write compliments to each other.
  • This item will be appropriate in the kitchen and organically fit into its interior, as well as certainly useful in the economy. So, you can place it directly above the working area, in such an interesting way replacing the apron. The cloth is not exposed to moisture and high temperatures and almost does not get dirty.And you can write interesting recipes on it and make culinary notes or make shopping lists.
  • An excellent solution is the placement of the board in the children's room. The child will certainly appreciate this accessory and will use it for its intended purpose. And drawing directly on the wall is much more interesting than on a small sheet of paper. And if the owner of the room goes to school, he will be able to use the board for study.
  • In the modern living room, this element will also be appropriate.
  • If there is an office in the house or apartment, the board will perfectly fit into it. Firstly, such a peculiar decoration of one of the walls will not distract from important matters and thoughts. Secondly, it can be used to optimize the workflow: you can make graphs on it, make notes and notes.

Slate can be used in different ways. The most obvious is placement on the wall. And the canvas can take as part, and completely the entire side. But you can hang a board on any piece of furniture or appliance, for example, on a cabinet or refrigerator.

As for the choice, the most important criteria are the size, shape and performance.You should start with the sizes: they must correspond to the area of ​​the room, otherwise the accessory will overload the interior. The form can be practically any: from standard rectangular to unusual, made in the form of a cloud or the silhouette of an animal. As for the performance, it can also be different: with a bright frame or without it. A supplement in the form of a shelf for crayons and a sponge will be useful.

How to make a slate board yourself?

You can make a slate if you like with your own hands. To do this, prepare:

  • the basis, for example, a sheet of hardboard or very thick cardboard;
  • frame;
  • glue or double sided tape;
  • slate film or paint.

Making is extremely simple. On the basis of the need to stick slate film or apply specialized slate paint, which after drying forms a matte dark surface. Then draw the board, placing it in a frame (it can be decorated with sparkles, beads, acrylic paints, ribbons). The accessory can be glued to the wall with glue or double-sided tape.


You will surely appreciate the slate board and with its help will be able to refresh the interior of almost any room.

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