Singer Natalie worries about childbirth after 43 years

“My age is not young now - soon 43 years, so there were certain fears about pregnancy,” the singer admitted in an interview with Antenna. “But I believed Victoria Rydos, whom I had met at the“ Battle of the Psychics ”and who said that a phantom of a child was standing next to me - a spirit who wants to be born through me. I understand that I need this child. ”

Natalie really has nothing to fear. First, she does not look for 43 years and, according to her, does not feel herself at all at this age. Yes, next to her eldest son Arseny, she looks like a girlfriend.

“Arseny is 15, he is nine years older than Toli, who is just beginning a period of independence. And then there's the little ones in the house. Tolya will be seven years older than the younger brother. And there in five to seven years, Arseny will have someone born. I love when there are small children in the house, ”the singer said in the same interview.

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