Shy girl: star brides who did without wedding dresses

Celebrity weddings surprise with its scope, and, of course, all attention is riveted to the bride. What dress will choose the main character of the holiday? But some star beauties do not bother with wedding dresses at all, they can get married even in a bathing suit!

For example, as the star of the Playboy magazine, the main blonde in Hollywood is Pamela Anderson. Her marriage to the musician and the bad guy Kid Rock (they really hurt the indiscriminate beauty) since the wedding itself was promised to be scandalous and memorable. And so it turned out: after a noisy wedding party on a yacht not far from the resort of Saint-Tropez, the media leaked pictures of the ... topless bride. Pamela decided not to hide the beautiful forms under the lush skirts and appeared at the altar in a white bikini. True, the happiness of the young did not last long - the couple divorced in four months.

Keira Knightley
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Actress Keira Knightley is famous for her modesty and the absence of star disease. She does not boast of status and leads a completely normal lifestyle. Even for the wedding, she chose a light and elegant dress from Chanel, and together with her fiance James Ryton invited only her closest friends to the party. As the actress herself admitted, “I just wanted to wear a comfortable dress. I was so happy at that moment that I absolutely did not care what I was wearing. ” By the way, later Kira appeared in the same dress at one of the social events.

Legendary Marilyn Monroe was married three times. The most real and main love in her life she always considered the second spouse Joe DiMaggio. With him, she played a secret wedding in the San Francisco City Hall. The dream and the idol of millions appeared in a simple black dress with a white collar! No diamonds, crazy cleavage and cutouts. Knowing about her husband's jealousy (because of her, the couple divorced 9 months later), Monroe tried to dress as modestly as possible. DiMaggio was very hard going through the break, and after Marilyn broke up with her third husband, he proposed to her again.

Solange Knowles did not save on the wedding and played it on a grand scale.And how could it be different if your sister is one of the richest women in the world ?! The seemingly modest and no-nonsense bodysuit of the bride, along with a cape, cost her fiancé, clip-maker Alan Ferguson, tens of thousands of dollars.

Elizabeth Taylor was a bride 8 (!) Times, but only twice chose a classic wedding dress. And Angelina Jolie appeared at the marriage ceremony with actor Billy Bob Thornton in leather pants and a T-shirt.

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