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Each woman, regardless of age and financial situation, is not indifferent to various kinds of jewelry: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, hairpins or headbands, all these little things are peculiar treasures that you always want to replenish and diversify.

Bracelets - this is a separate story altogether, because only they are able to decorate a thin and elegant female wrist, add peculiar notes and characteristic outlines to the integral image of its owner.

Very popular decoration

Shambala bracelets are a special type of jewelry that is in incredible demand and popularity, both among women and men. Covered with a mysterious history of occurrence, with a special energy and value, they are firmly in the ranks of the most fashionable jewelry of the last seasons.

What is interesting is the majority of recognizable and beloved world celebrities are supporters of this kind of costume jewelry, Shambala bracelets flaunted on the wrists of a good half of star Hollywood.

Many believe that they are the reasons for their success, because, according to the teachings of Buddhist monks, such bracelets are not just jewelry, but a real amulet that can enrich its possessor with wisdom and strength that helps to withstand difficulties.

It is believed that the most genuine Shambala bracelets are only those made by Buddhist monks in times of solitude, reading special mantras, they weave knot by knot, thereby creating a unique creation filled with positive energy.

Of course, to get such a miracle is difficult, but it doesn't matter, you can make a Shambala bracelet with your own hands, unlike purchased store items, it can become for you or for whom it is intended to be a real talisman against all sorts of problems and difficulties, illnesses and adversities .

For believers

For those who are interested, why such bracelets awarded such non-standard and mysterious properties: Shambhala is not just a name, it is a country or a place in the world where peace reigns, harmony, however, getting into it is not so easy, as it turned outthis is already quite a long time trying to make worshipers of Buddhism.

It opens only to those lucky ones who really believe, have good thoughts and a pure heart. Shambala bracelets are a kind of guide to this world of wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment. What is interesting is that initially such bracelets did not have jewelry in the form of stones, but consisted only of knots that were wound on a silk ribbon.

How to choose a bracelet for yourself?

Over time, when a rather modest decoration in the form of a lace with knots fell into India, rich in natural precious and semiprecious stones, it was decorated with small beads. By the way, it is they who increase its value and impact, if you properly use the properties of stones, you can weave a powerful enough and, not least, a talisman that satisfies certain desires.

Stones can be different

Before starting to weave, it is important to determine the set of stones or beads that you will use in your bracelet. The color of each bead has its own meaning, which should be combined with your zodiac sign. For example, water signs are better to give their preference in favor of lilac, blue and blue shades, while red, with a shade of redhead, beads are suitable for fiery.

In addition to compatibility with the signs of the zodiac, it is important to take into account the energy of each stone, because in order to adjust or improve a certain aspect of your life, you need to make the right choice. For example, those men and women who are in search of true love or understanding with their partner, should give preference to malachite, garnet, pink quartz or cornelian.

Stylish design

With health problems, you can choose amber, onyx or carnelian, but to add points to your luck, you can weave a bracelet with jade, malachite, aventurine or moonstone. There are other designations of stones, anyone interested can choose exactly the option that is important specifically for him.

By the way, it is not necessary to use only one type of stones, you can interweave beads of different colors, if you, for example, want to improve not only your romantic relationships, but also want to improve your health.

Of course, Shambala bracelets do not necessarily weave exclusively using natural stones, ordinary jewelry, which is bright and fun shimmers on the shelves of shops, is also great for weaving, especially if you are not a supporter of such beliefs.You can use plastic beads, leather, wood, metal, in general, everything that you personally like.

Necessary accessories for bracelets

If you do decide to engage in such an exciting activity, then you will need quite a bit: favorite beads, which are now completely easy to get by the piece or by weight in specialized shops. Usually, one bracelet leaves 9 beads, but if the wrist is wide enough, or you decide to use the double weaving technique, then their number can be increased by 1.5-2 times. In any case, it is better to buy in reserve.

In addition to the beads, you will need a waxed cord or special threads, it is better to purchase a skein at once, but on one bracelet it takes about 2.5 meters. Usually one main lace is used, on which all the beads are strung, its length is approximately 60 cm.

Also needed is a second decorative lace about 150-180 cm long, they are tied with beads and create nodules characteristic of such bracelets. Of course, you can not do without scissors, scotch and in the process you may need glue.

How to weave a shamballa bracelet?

  • If you have never been engaged in weaving bracelets before, then, at first glance, the technique of performance may seem difficult to you, but in fact, everything is much simpler than it seems.For starters, one cord that is basic or “lazy” needs to be fixed - on the table with scotch tape or on a nail that is driven into the board. This cord should be strung together with all the beads that will decorate your bracelet, and this should be done strictly in the order in which you want to see them on the finished product. Tie knots at two ends of the thread.
  • To make it easier to weave, the lower part of the "lazy" cord is also better to fix, so it will be more convenient.
  • We fold the second decorative cord in such a way that its ends become identical. Now we tie it around the "lazy" cord on top of the first bead.
  • It is necessary to make one knot between each bead, and two knots at the ends, it is important that they are tight, but do not leave any gaps between them, so the bracelet is more beautiful.
  • The main part is ready, now you need to check the length of the jewelry on the arm, and finish the clasp.
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