Selection of soldering iron for polypropylene pipes

Soldering power

The power of the soldering iron depends on the speed of its heating and the ability to weld pipes of a certain diameter. Professional soldering irons can have a capacity of more than 2 kW, such devices are designed for welding pipes of 90 mm in diameter. Pipes for domestic heating and sewage systems, as a rule, are much smaller, so there is no point in buying a high-power soldering iron for home use. For domestic use, a 680 W soldering iron is quite suitable.
A good soldering iron for polypropylene pipes for home use can be bought for only 1000 rubles.


Depending on how often you have to work with a soldering iron for plastic pipes, the equipment is selected. So, soldering kits for permanent use include, in addition to the soldering iron itself, a convenient case, a cutting tool that helps to cut workpieces, measuring instruments, a stand for work, and special protective mittens.The sets for domestic use contain only a few tips and the device itself.


It is advisable to choose a soldering iron from a reputable manufacturer. This will guarantee that your device will work for more than one year, in addition, the welded tips of the soldering iron quickly fade, and you have to change them, you will find new tips for the soldering iron from a well-known company without problems.
The best are polypropylene soldering irons from Czech manufacturers. Dytron products stand out in particular, it was this company that first used a sound alert system for reaching a given temperature in a soldering iron. Soldering irons are also good for Italian and German manufacturers, for example, such companies as Ritmo and Rothenberger.
Chinese-made soldering irons are, of course, much cheaper, but buying them is a big risk; you can get both a completely decent model and practically unsuitable equipment. If you decide to buy a Chinese soldering iron, first read the reviews about a particular model.
In order to carry out high-quality welding of polypropylene pipes, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for the soldering iron, which clearly indicate the welding time and cooling time for pipes of different diameter and thickness.


Typically, a soldering iron for plastic pipes is supplied with nozzles for pipes of different diameters, the more nozzles, the more options for using the device you will have. More expensive models allow you to use several nozzles at the same time, which increases the speed of work with large volumes of welded pipes.
Nozzles have a special coating on which their durability depends. The best are nozzles with a coating of metallized Teflon.
Nozzles can be mounted on the soldering iron in different ways. The most common type is xiphoid soldering irons, they have a pair of nozzles that are threaded through a special ring.

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