Secrets of Luneville Embroidery

It turns out that in Luneville embroidery, no sequins or beads are sewn, but the thread, on which they are previously strung.

Embroidery is carried out simultaneously with two hands, so the fabric for it is necessarily pre-stretched on a special tapestry frame or refills in the embroidery frame on the stand to release both hands of the craftsman for embroidery.

Embroidery is made from a reel (the thread is not cut before finishing the thread), which saves valuable threads.

And the process of embroidery itself is not similar, for example, to embroidery with a smooth or a cross, because the embroidery is done on the wrong side of the canvas, the front side can be seen only if the fabric on which the embroidery is made is transparent.

The working surface will consist entirely of chain stitches.

Embroidery using a hook allows you to perform a variety of work with the filling of fairly large areas. It has long been used to decorate clothes, making home textiles, carpets, towels and bed linen in many nations of the world.

The principle of operation is chain embroidery, in which the seam looks like a pigtail.

It is widely used for embroidery from haute couture, as it provides truly ample opportunities and high (compared with hand embroidery with a needle) speed of work.

Where can I put an embroidered hook crochet pattern? And we picked up for you different options.

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