Secrets of cooking delicious chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is a special dish, it is known all over the world and attracts gourmets with a crispy crust and soft, tender chicken meat, into which they put a piece of butter. Despite all the apparent simplicity, this dish is served even in restaurants, because its preparation requires some special skills. But experienced housewives have long discovered the secrets of cooking such cutlets from the chefs, and they happily decorate the festive table with this delicacy.

Small excursion

Ready-made chicken Kiev has an oblong appearance, and at one end of it must necessarily be attached chicken bone, which is dressed papilotka. The history of origin has several versions, but each of them ends with the fact that the dish has become very popular.

According to the Russian version, Empress Elizabeth loved everything French, and even sent her cooks to learn the culinary business in France.From there, they brought a recipe for de-wills made from tender chicken breast, in the middle of which they put sauce, greens or yolk. And the version known to us appeared as a result of culinary experiments of court cooks.

But according to the claims of the Ukrainians, the cutlet appeared thanks to the Kiev restaurateur, who after the Second World War treated the Ukrainian delegation, returning from the signing of peace treaties in Paris, a delicious chicken dish, which quickly became listed on many restaurants.

And even the Americans claim to authorship, claiming that the dish appeared in America and received such a name, because it was often ordered by immigrants from Kiev.

Cooking details

To make a Kiev chicken cutlet, you need to know about some of the features of its preparation.

  1. It is necessary to properly cut the chicken breast. This culinary product is cooked from whole fillet, therefore meat should be cut with a well-sharpened knife, from a thicker edge. Separate a small filet from a large slice and leave, it will still come in handy.
  2. Having made an incision, you need to deploy the piece and repel it. So the meat will become softer.So that it does not break, repel, wrapping a piece in cling film.
  3. Chicken Kiev cutlets are special for their filling. For her, you need to take butter and dill. There are two options for cooking:
  • cut the butter into small pieces, soak it in chopped dill and send it to the freezer;
  • In the softened butter, add finely chopped dill and mix thoroughly. In this case, the mass should be laid out on the film, rolled up and also put in the freezer.
  1. On how well you wrap the fillet, depends on the type and taste of the finished dish. After all, if the filling runs out, the result, unfortunately, will not be the same. Here at this stage you need to return to the small fillet. Place frozen stuffing in the middle of a large piece of meat, cover with small fillet and wrap well.
  2. To keep the product in the process of frying, not to lose its shape, put the cooked semi-finished products in the freezer for 10 minutes and then fry.
  3. To prevent leakage of the filling and enjoy the original delicious dish, you must also take care of a good breading. It should be double - batter and breadcrumbs.
  4. The process of frying is also important.Put products on a well-heated frying pan. To make the frying uniform, the oil should completely cover them.

Gastronomic pleasure

Having thoroughly “armed” with the secrets of the chefs, one can proceed to the immediate preparation of Kiev chicken at home. For them you will need:

  • chicken fillet - 2 pcs .;
  • butter - 100 g;
  • dill - ½ bunch;
  • eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • flour - 50 g .;
  • bread crumbs - 200 g;
  • salt.

The classic version involves the use of bone from a chicken wing, it is thin and allows you to conveniently hold the meatball in your hand. Therefore, carving the carcass, first leave the fillet and wing, from which you need a bone. Carefully separate it, leaving it in the filet, and cut off everything else.

The oil must be mixed in advance with dill and put in the freezer so that it is frozen. Open and discard most of the fillets. For convenience, you can wrap the stuffing into a small fillet, and then place it inside a large piece. Next, you need to roll up the product so that there are no gaps left.

After cooking the semi-finished product from chicken breast, it needs to be dipped in a batter made from flour and eggs,After that, in breadcrumbs, and send to fry in a heated frying pan for 3 minutes on each side until golden brown. It is important that the oil is brought to the boiling point, it is easy to understand - small bubbles begin to appear on it.

After roasting, this culinary product of their chicken meat must be baked in the oven for another 10 minutes.

As easy as pie!

Of course, to do everything according to the original recipe, you will have to make a lot of effort. But if you have a little time, and you want to please guests or family with something special, you can simplify the recipe by preparing this delicacy from minced meat.

The list of ingredients will be the same, but instead of breast take 0.5 kg of minced meat from chicken. The cooking process is also simple: we separate part of the stuffing, make a cake, inside which we put the filling of butter and greens, wrap and fry, first in a frying pan, then in the oven.

Serve chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes, rice or stewed vegetables. To remove excess oil from them, before serving, put them on a paper towel, then put a special cuff on the bone - a papilotka.The filling can also be varied by adding mushrooms, cheese or boiled eggs.

And to be sure of proper preparation, you just need to carefully cut the ready dish. If oil flows from there, it means that you did everything right, and you can enjoy the unsurpassed taste of the world-famous dish made with your own hands.

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