Secrets of cooking a vinaigrette sauce

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the word “vinaigrette” is a simple vegetable salad familiar to everyone. But it turns out that this dish received its name from the sauce of the same name, whose birthplace is France. In Europe, it is known as one of the most delicious salad dressings, appetizers and other dishes. The composition and preparation are very simple, but at the same time this combination has a rather original taste, which allows you to serve the product to fish, pork, chicken and seafood.

By the way, the famous and beloved by many salads Caprese and Greek also fill this gravy. And if it is still not in your cookbook, it's time to discover new tastes.

Simple but very tasty

Probably, many will be surprised, what is special about the sauce, which consists of vegetable oil and vinegar? In fact, the main secret of cooking is additional ingredients that you can vary the refueling depending on what dish is intended for.

Traditional option

The classic recipe is very simple, and is perfect for fresh vegetables, fish and meat dishes, seafood, and even dumplings. Well, if you decide to make a salad salad, then here it is very welcome. You will need:

  • olive oil;
  • vinegar;
  • salt;
  • pepper.

The ingredients of the sauce are replaceable, and if suddenly you do not like olive oil, you can use vegetable. And if there was no wine vinegar on hand, then dry white wine or lemon juice will do.

The proportions are easy to remember - three parts of the oil and one remaining component. If you are going to serve a dressing to the main dishes, then you can make it in a bottle, neatly fill it and pour the necessary products there. After that, the bottle will need to be shaken well.

With greens

How to cook fill for all types of fish? Very simple. Buy a set of your favorite greens. It can be parsley, dill, thyme, basil, green onions. They need to chop, pour 2 tbsp. vinegar and give a little stand.

Then add the salt, mix thoroughly, add oil and pepper. Beat with a fork or whisk until smooth.

With mustard

Add the mustard to help spice up. Ideal Dijon. It is made from black grains, and the taste is notable for its light sweetness. Prepare this sauce using a classic recipe, and add to the ingredients 1 tsp. mustard

The winegar is perfectly combined, as it is also called, with pork chops, chicken salad or soy products.

With garlic

All you need to do is carefully rub a clove of garlic with spices, and then combine with the remaining products. Ideal such a vinaigrette with shrimp. It can be added by adding salted seafood to the salad or simply watering.

With egg

This option has a delicate texture and a pleasant, light taste. Vinaigrette with egg will be a tasty substitute for mayonnaise. Rub the yolk and add it to the gravy prepared according to the traditional recipe. Grate the protein on a fine grater or finely chop and pour into the prepared sauce.

With tomato

Adding a tomato in the vinegar, you will get a fine hot meat sauce. Scald the tomato with boiling water to remove the skin. After that, carefully wipe the vegetable through a sieve, and put the resulting pulp without seeds into a vinaigrette.

With bell pepper

This recipe came to us from the southern part of Europe. For him you will need red Bulgarian pepper. Bake the vegetable in the oven or microwave, remove the skin and mash until smooth. Add to the finished salad and whisk with a whisk.

Berry vinegar will add a special flavor. This dressing perfectly complements the taste of smoked chicken meat and potatoes (baked or boiled).

Helpful Tips

If you want to get a really good product, then you should listen to a few important recommendations.

  1. Remember that the French, if they add additional ingredients to the winegar, first mix them with vinegar and spices, and then add oil.
  2. It is also worth remembering that the main ingredients should be selected depending on the dish that you are going to fill. If you use unrefined oil with a pronounced aroma, then it is better to use vinegar ordinary table.
  3. The aroma of refueling is revealed 30-60 minutes after preparation, so it’s best to take care of it in advance.

You can easily experiment and add the products you like to the winemaker, thus inventing new and new tastes and unusual gastronomic combinations.

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