In the world of standard boxes and stamped gifts, there is the art ofscrapbooking! If you have never done this kind of needlework, and want to try? or not, then visit our lesson for beginners. With a slight movement of hands, photographs of the last century are packaged in elegant “antique” frames made with the help of simple materials. Notebooks and postcards marked with the art ofscrapbooking, become as if magnetized: I want to touch and enjoy their warmth. Such pleasant moments gives the skin used in this kind of needlework.

Close people are waiting for some zest in your gifts? By attendingscrapbooking master classes, you will advance in artistic excellence so quickly that you will line up for your packaging service. You can decorate what your heart desires: photos, letters, chocolates, accessories. The main thing is to look elegant and harmonious.

For a start, any scraps of fabric and colored paper that are lying around the house will do. Pull boldly onto the surface that which is tired of lying dead weight.Take out the scissors and cut it bolder! Anyway, most of the materials were being prepared for removal and discharge. And now it went into business! So, the first training session with scissors and scrapbooking paper begins! If you come to taste, the nearest shops are always happy to open your doors and offer a variety of products suitable for decoration.

Inspiration will not be superfluous! Creativity never ends!

Scrapbooking Workshops:

Box for needlework

Craft Box

Even from the simplest things to which we do not pay attention, we consider garbage, you can do something worthwhile, unlike anything else. If, for example, to connect an ordinary cardboard box that was already going on a trip to the garbage
Badges-medals for witnesses to the wedding

Medal badges for witnesses at the wedding

Wedding - a romantic and long-awaited holiday in the life of each couple.Any newlyweds want, try and do everything possible to ensure that their wedding is prepared, organized and held at the highest level. The troubles and bustle of course are coming rather big,
The newly-savings savings book

Honeymoon Passbook

One of the most interesting and original ways to give beautiful money at a wedding is the so-called savings book. At the moment, this is perhaps the most ideal and rather creative way to surprise and delight, and
Wedding bridal box-casket

Wedding bills casket

Finally, we were visited by the summer of 2017 and brought the wedding season along with it. After all, basically all couples try to play their wedding in the summer, when it's sunny, warm, everything blooms and smells, when everything is there and everything is available. Well, for sure
Do-it-yourself wedding album

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Album

A wedding is a romantic and long-awaited holiday in the life of every young couple, because a new family is born. Everyone tries to make this day simply fabulous, as most often it is the only such day in life that you really want
Wedding envelopes for cash gifts

Wedding envelopes for a cash gift

So, the long-awaited wedding season, spring-summer of 2017, has come and we are ahead of the fun, joy and congratulations of the newlyweds on this solemn day. The color scheme of weddings in 2017 is varied, as they say for every taste, therefore
envelopes by hand on the birth of children

Handmade envelopes for the birth of babies

For each family, the most responsible and important event is the replenishment of their family, namely the birth of a child. Always the appearance of the baby is a great joy in any family. Not only parents themselves are happy, but also grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters.
Men's envelopes for money

Men's Money Envelopes

Nowadays gift envelopes and handmade certificates are becoming more and more popular. Why are so good handmade envelopes? The answer is quite logical and simple, they are unique and it is almost impossible to repeat 100%, even
Support under pencils from paper

Stand for pencils made of paper

Organize your workplace by using various devices. For lovers of needlework it will be interesting to create them with your own hands. For example, the step-by-step production of a pencil holder is shown in this master class.
Chocolate in Scrapbooking Style

Scrapbooking Chocolate Girl

Chocolate is a universal gift, it can be presented to both children and adults for any occasion. But how can you make this minor gift memorable? I suggest to make chocolate in scrapbooking style with your own
Book of wishes for the boy with his own hands

Do-it-yourself wish book for a boy

The most unforgettable holiday in the life of every child is his very first birthday. When he is exactly one year old. This holiday is also important for the boy's parents, as it is generally accepted to celebrate this day with many guests and
Men's billiard box or photo box

Men's bureaus or photo box

Each man probably has a piggy bank, a casket or a box in which he prefers to store his stash, so that sooner or later it could be used to buy something valuable or to give something special to his second
Mini-organizer from one sheet

One-page mini organizer

We invite you to make a mini-organizer from one standard sheet of medium density designer paper,size 30.5 x 30.5 cm. Of course, you can do it from anything, the main thing is to understand the principle, based on the proposed schemes. Beautifully
Baby daddies for a birth certificate

Baby daddies for birth certificate

At its birth, each baby already becomes a full-fledged resident of its city, country, and receives the first document in its life, this certificate of its birth. This document is not only the first, but also important in the life of every child, since
Cooking notebooks with your own hands

DIY Culinary Notebooks

Surely every hostess has her little secrets and favorite recipes, which she pleases her beloved family. And, of course, for their favorite recipes, each hostess should have a special notebook for records. To at any time
Card for mother in the scrapbookin technique

Scrapbook postcard for mom

How to congratulate the dearest person on the holiday - mother? There are many options: buy an expensive gift or make a gift with your own hands. Let's try to make a postcard for mothers using the scrapbooking technique. For the manufacture of cards will need
Diary of pregnancy with their own hands

DIY diary of pregnancy

Every girl or woman in her life dreams of one cherished dream - to become a mother and find such happiness as having a baby. This is the most long-awaited and cherished dream of everyone, because the child is his native is such a happiness. Someone carefully
Photo Album with Teddy Bear

Photo Album with Teddy Bear

Each mother wants to keep a photo of her baby from birth and record every moment of her smooth maturity, starting from the first day of life, then for months, years, and so on. And you also want to take special moments as a memory
Spring Cards

Spring Chocolate Cards

So we waited with you, finally, spring and ahead, we are only waiting for the freshness of the spring mood, the first favorite woods and snowdrops, the first buds on the bushes and trees, as well as the long-awaited spring trills of the birds that have awakened after
Car covers on your own documents

Do-it-yourself document covers

Among all of us there are a large part of people who are car enthusiasts and car owners, and every day, month, year, we become much more. Each of us not only loves cars, but also it’s quite comfortable and significantly
Postcard for the anniversary with his own hands

Do-It-Yourself Anniversary Postcard

Anniversary in the life of each person is not just the date of the next birthday, but it is a round figure, for example, 20, 30, 40, 50 years and so on. It does not matter what date, and what figure, and most importantly, that a person feels himself on this special day somehow
Spring greeting cards

Spring greeting cards

Behind the exhausting long winter nights and here ahead of us only freshness awaits, only new spring sensations, and most importantly it is a warm, fresh and spring atmosphere that brings with it the smell of trills, the scent of spring grass, and

Postcards to "Beloved Daddy"

Dad is the most important and beloved person in everyone's life. Sometimes even for many, the pope is even more important or replaces his mother. Therefore, no matter how cool, always in any holiday I really want to please my beloved father, to please him even with a small gift then
Spring Envelopes for Money

Spring envelopes for money

Almost exhausting winter evenings are almost behind us, and a fragrant and blooming spring awaits us ahead of us with its delights that it brings to us. This is the first singing of birds, the first almost in the trees, grass and just a spring fresh smell.

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