Scientists have figured out where the most slender people live in Russia

Leading medical experts at the Federal Clinical Research Center believe that the life expectancy of people with obesity is reduced by an average of 5–20 years. Overweight is the main cause of diseases such as impotence in men, menstrual disorders and infertility in women, Alzheimer's disease (senile dementia), apnea (sleep apnea), hypertension, tachycardia, reduced immunity, chronic fatigue syndrome, eye disease , joints, vessels of the legs and, of course, diabetes.

FMBA has compiled a map of obesity in federal districts. In the Urals and in the western part of Russia, most Russians live with obesity. In the east of the country - the most slender people.

In order to attract the population to the problem of overweight, the FMBA has been conducting anti-obesity measures, the basics of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle since May 2013.FMBA specialists invite a bariatric surgeon (conducting gastrointestinal surgery aimed at reducing weight without strict adherence to diet, taking medicines and playing sports), a nutritionist, an endocrinologist, a psychotherapist, so that everyone can check their body's tendency to obesity and get free advice .

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Often, excess weight may be due to psychological reasons. We talked about this with the psychologist Anna Garsh.

- People are gaining weight, firstly, because of seizing their troubles. They, along with food, "swallow" insults. Therefore, it is worth reviewing your attitude to life and learning not to take negative things personally to your person. After all, many mindlessly blurted out caustic phrases, and then the person reproaches himself. One advice - let it go and be rational. For example, something did not work? It happens. We are people. Tell yourself: “It's okay. I'll figure it out, learn it, and everything will be fine. " In order to weaken dependence on products, it is better to switch to some interesting occupation, to carry away yourself with something. Better yet, just drink some water and wait a bit.After all, we often confuse hunger with ordinary thirst.

Secondly, kilograms are more than returned due to rigid diets. If you limit yourself very strictly and keep a tight rein, you can say goodbye to weight in a few days. However, this will come inevitable retribution in the form of several sizes due to the inevitable breakdown. Nutritionists and psychologists advise not to exhaust themselves with malnutrition, but to adhere to proper nutrition. After all, the success of such a restructuring will be enormous. You will not only achieve the desired figure, but also save your forms.

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