Scarf woven in a hand-held machine for 40 minutes, will save from the cold wind

If you have already tried to knit and crochet, and for some reason you want to learn something new - pay attention to hand weaving. This kind of needlework is simpler than it seems. Especially when it comes to a small manual loom that allows you to quickly weave colored canvas.

To create a beautiful warm scarf you will need a special device for weaving. You can buy a finished machine or make it yourself. To do this, build a rectangular wooden frame and drive nails along its perimeter. The distance between them should be the same. Carnations must be filled from both edges of the frame on the side surface.

In addition to the machine for work will need a special hook. It differs from the usual knitting and is an L-shaped device, resembling in appearance the instrument of the dentist.If this could not be found, use a knitting pattern.

To begin, tighten the loop of yarn and slip it onto the extreme side carnation. Skip the remaining short edge of the thread so that it is on the inside of the yarn bottom. The working thread will be used for weaving.

Now twist the carnations alternately, crossing the thread in the shape of the eight, so that you get a semblance of lacing. Secure the thread on the extreme studs. Carefully move all the yarn on the machine to the frame itself, so that the thread layer becomes denser. All yarn should be at the base of the studs. After this, we must begin to weave a new layer of yarn. To do this, the working thread is removed from the extreme studs and laps over the already fixed loops. The pattern of weaving should be repeated. We fix the thread at the end of the frame in the same way as in the first row.

Now use the hook to remove the lower loop and remove it from the carnation, so that the top remains on it. The process is repeated as many times as necessary to weave the desired length of the scarf.

At the very end of the mating you will have a number of loops on the machine. To close the weaving, throw each loop, starting from the extreme to the opposite part of the machine and draw through that loop that has become the bottom. At the end of the weaving, secure the yarn with a knot.

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