Sati Kazanova was fascinated by Eastern philosophy.

After a recent visit to India and Tibet, Sati Casanova does not cease to share with their fans the learned Eastern wisdoms. Editorial Woman’s Day quotes the most interesting of them.
Sati Casanova: photo
Sati Casanova: photo
Sati Kazanova met summer in India
Photo: Instagram
Casanova will present a new ethnic program.
Photo: Instagram

Summer seasonSati CasanovaI started with a trip to faraway India. The singer did not just talk about spiritual quest in her interviews - apparently, the process is still ongoing, and the trip only enriched her with new discoveries. So now almost every picture in his blog Sati complements oriental wisdom.

  • Women need not only listen, but feel. What she says and what she feels are different things.
  • Wherever each of us is, we will always see one moon. The wisdom of Zen.
  • Life is incredibly beautiful when you start to notice it.
  • A person is able to change his life, changing only his point of view.
  • Sometimes life breaks us, making us stronger!
  • Be ready to change your goals, but never change your values.
  • A person smiling with his soul is always happy.

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