Samba rhythm: bright interior in the style of Rio

The Olympic Games have made the Brazilian style in the interior a real trend of the season! We understand how to bring a piece of this hot country into your home with the help of fashion trends and what accessories will help to create an interior in the style of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian style is distinguished by bright hues and the most daring combinations. The more flashy colors and unusual accents, the better! Therefore, if you are not afraid of experiments and prefer to always be the center of attention, then choose a dynamic interior in the style of roast Rio. And we will tell you how to correctly implement it in our realities.

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“Cheerful, bold, bright - it's all about Rio de Janeiro! No wonder that Ostap Bender himself dreamed about him. In this city reigns eternal fun, dancing, laughter, carnivals. And this year the Summer Olympics are held! Would you like a piece of this incredible mood to your house? Then be bold, combine bright colors in furniture and decor, images of tropical fruits and birds, and the crystal dream will come true ”,- tells Style-director of Yana Dmitrenko. We understand how to create a bright positive interior, so that everything looks harmonious and modern.

Bright colors

Do not be afraid to experiment and boldly embed a few colors as main accents. In this case, the priority will be azure blue, orange-orange, coral-red, warm pear and juicy green shades.

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In the photo: 1.A set of plates, Crate & Barrel, price on request.2.Glass dispenser for soap, H & M Home, 799 rubles.3.The lamp, Westwing, 14,750 rubles.4.Combination for storage, LIKSULT, IKEA, 8000 rubles.5.Organizer for jewelry "Bodhi Tree", 1699 rubles ( "Woman", Garda Decor, 5980 rubles.7.Coffee table, Crate & Barrel, price on request.8.Glass figure "Pelican", Garda Decor, 1660 rubles.9.Utensils from faience, Zara Home, about 4,300 rubles.10.Decorative pillow, Missoni Home, 4968 rubles.11.Armchair, Westwing, 16800 rubles.

Tropical print

Brazilian style will look great in a spacious bright interior. A prerequisite for this style is the presence of various living plants (for example, palm, dracaena and other green flowers), as well as the abundant use of tropical prints and bright carnival accents.For example, you can safely use textiles depicting birds, flowers, fruits or coffee, dancing, musical instruments or the main attractions of this hot country. Various statuettes, dishes, paintings and ornaments depicting exotic birds, animals and plants will be appropriate.

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In the photo: 1.Cutting board Citrus, 670 rubles ( "Orange Corral", 2940 rubles (, Westwing, 7000 rubles.4.Floor lamp Nagoya, 19,175 rubles ( pillow, Westwing, 2400 rubles.6.Candle in ceramics, H & M Home, 399 rubles.7.Glass Figurine "parrot», Garda Decor, 1500 rubles.8.Case for the sofa "Glottra", IKEA, 3999 rubles.9.Vase, Zara Home, 2299 rubles.10.Poof, Missoni Home, 40320 rubles.

Bold combinations

Do not be afraid of unusual combinations! By the way, the most common finishing material in Brazil is the stone from which furniture is made, special floor and wall tiles, as well as various decorative elements. Also very popular products made of natural wood. The main rule is the harmonious combination of traditional motifs and ethnic elements of decor with the functionality of modern trends (for example, with the popular high-tech style).But the use of heavy curtains and carpets is inappropriate, so it is better to abandon them completely or replace them with blinds, Roman curtains and bright mats (instead of carpets).

Photo: archive of press services

In the photo: 1.Chairs, Crate & Barrel, price on request.2.Mirror Fiesta Red, DG Home, 2800 rubles.3.Candlestick, set of 2 pcs., 21125 rub. ( for towels "LOSCHEN", IKEA, 449 rubles.5.Chest, Westwing, 17500 rubles.6.Holder for books “Unifie”, Deco Home, 7739 rubles.7.Shelf "Ornament", DG Home, 4410 rubles.8.Coffee table "Globtrekker", 111 900 rubles ( clock, Deco Home, 10539 rubles.

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