Salad from a king crab with coconut dressing

Kamchatka crab salad with coconut dressing(6 servings) - recipe.


For refueling:

  1. 80 g of mayonnaise;
  2. 80 ml of coconut milk;
  3. 40 ml of sweet chili sauce.

For salad:

  1. half red onion;
  2. 1 small ripe avocado;
  3. 300 g cherry tomatoes
  4. 2 celery stalks;
  5. a handful of cilantro leaves;
  6. extra virgin olive oil ;; salt.

For crab and feed:

  1. 600 g of frozen phalanxes of the Kamchatka crab;
  2. 200 g fresh pineapple fillet;
  3. A small handful of leaves of chard and cress-salad


Beat the coconut milk until smooth, if it is divided into solid and liquid parts. All the ingredients of the dressing should be mixed until uniform and placed in the refrigerator before serving.

Cut cherry tomatoes into halves, red onions into thin straws, celery stalks into thin slices, and avocado into neat slices.Mix all prepared ingredients in a bowl, add cilantro leaves, season with olive oil and salt.

In advance (about a day before the holiday), thaw the phalanx of the crab in the refrigerator, put it in a colander set in a bowl. Then use scissors to cut the shell and release the crab fillet. Remove chitinous plates, cut the meat into large chunks. Pineapple fillet cut so as to form a parallelepiped. Cut it in length into 6 thin plates. Put on a plate of pineapple on each serving plate. On the pineapple carefully lay the salad and crab phalanx pieces. Sprinkle with leaves of chard and watercress. Next to the resulting structure pour a little cold dressing.

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