Rigging and transportation

In every locality, cargo transportation of the most diverse kinds is carried out daily. Special attention is paid to the transportation of non-standard items, characterized by a complex configuration, large dimensions, weight, etc. In order to successfully cope with this task, special assistance is needed. It includes a set of measures aimed at ensuring that the required cargo is delivered to the place of destination within the stipulated time frame and in full safety.


Consequently, the transportation of non-standard goods impliesrigging services. They are able to provide only professionals who own the rules of slinging, moving, fixing of goods, as well as other skills necessary to fulfill their goals.


Transportation of non-standard goods is preceded by a thorough development of this event. It is carried out by one of the managers of the carrier company, the so-called appraiser. His duty is to arrive at the site and determine the nature of the cargo (its dimensions, weight, design features, etc.).Based on this, the evaluator develops a follow-up algorithm. For example, he clarifies the following:


  • how a particular unit can be removed from the premises and loaded onto the vehicle;


  • what car capacity should be used for transportation;


  • what is the estimated cost of the proposed services, etc.


By concluding a contract with the carrier, the client imposes on him full responsibility for the safety of his property, starting with his rigging, ending with unloading luggage at the destination.


If the dimensions of the cargo do not allow removing it from the premises (workshop, workshop, etc.) in the usual way, then window openings can be used to “evacuate”. Besides,rigging equipmentsometimes includes dismantling and subsequent assembly. Shipment of heavy objects should be carried out using appropriate lifting equipment. These can be lift trucks, winches (both manual and electric), truck cranes, etc. The presence of access roads is of decisive importance.


In some cases, non-standard cargo requires additional measures for its strapping and loading on the car. For example, this may require special pallets or grabs.It is obvious that such actions are associated with high risk and require a professional approach in their implementation.


No less important task is to fix cargo on the car for the purpose of their safe transportation. Experienced riggers are able to accurately determine the way the cargo is placed on the platform and fix them, excluding any movement in the path.Rigger- is a true professional in his field, always able to make adequate decisions, regardless of the complexity of the situation.


Rigging services are also in demand at apartment and office crossings, when there is a need to carefully and quickly load expensive household appliances, musical instruments, overall fragile objects, etc. , chains, grabs ...


Without riggers can not do without, if you need to lift or lower the "delicate" cargo not otherwise than in a staircase or through a narrow passage. They will be able to pack fragile items in the best way, saving them from possible damage during transportation.There is no doubt that the high-quality delivery of the goods to their destination implies not only comfortable transportation, but also competent rigging.

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