Raw foods - the pros and cons of the popular power system

Everyone has the right to eat what he wants. But there are many principles and systems of nutrition. Each of these systems has its own goals and different rules. For example, some stick with syroedeniya. And what is it? How to eat syroedam?

What it is?

All the basic principles of raw food are reduced to the fact that you can not eat food that has been heat treated. In fact, such a system was known for a very long time, even by primitive people who ate only vegetables and fruits and did not know how to fry meat.

A storehouse of vitamins

But then the scientists tried to study such nutrition. Some of them came to the conclusion that heat treatment is harmful and unnecessary. It leads to the fact that the products lose some of their nutrients and become "dead."

In addition, the natural process of digestion involves not only the dissolution of food components by digestive juices, but also the so-called “self-dissolving”, which is impossible when using boiled, roasted or steamed.And such an intervention as heat treatment, in the opinion of fans of raw food diet, is unnatural and not at all physiological.

There are several types of raw food:

  • Omnivorous raw food diet involves the use of any products that have not been processed. You can eat raw meat and fish.
  • Vegetarian excludes all products of animal origin, except raw eggs and milk.
  • Vegan suggests the rejection of any food of animal origin.
  • Fruitarianism allows you to eat only fruits and vegetables, as well as berries, seeds and nuts.
  • Carnivorous raw food diet has long sunk into oblivion, because no one wants to eat raw meat, fish, animal fat. The number of fruits and vegetables in this system is minimized.

According to the ration planning, there are two types: mono-food (for one meal you can eat only one product) and mixed (you can make salads, mix vegetables and fruits).

Advantages and disadvantages

So, what is the use of raw food? Let's list the main advantages of such a power system:

  • All products retain all the beneficial substances and components that heat treatment can simply kill.
  • Nothing to cook.Yes, you will not have to stand at the stove, it pleases many.
  • This is useful for weight loss, as fat, oil, sugar and other harmful additives for the figure are completely excluded. So the transition to such a power system will certainly entail the loss of extra pounds.
  • The load on the liver and kidneys is reduced, these organs are cleaned and work smoothly.
  • Digestion improves. You can forget about diarrhea and constipation, it is not threatened by raw foodists.
  • Blood circulation and work of the cardiovascular system are improved, which means that the condition of the person as a whole will improve.
  • It is not necessary to count calories and monitor portions.

Now we list the disadvantages of this system:

  • Raw foods can harm the body. The fact is that during heat treatment, microorganisms pathogenic and dangerous to humans die. When syroedenii they can easily get into the body and begin to actively multiply in it. So the risk of poisoning increases.
  • Some supporters of this system think that they are waiting for immortality. But in fact, some raw vegetables and other products may contain toxic substances, which can be neutralized only by heat treatment.Such substances will accumulate in the body and poison it.
  • Syroyedy claim that they barely sleep or rest, as the energy literally splashes. But at the very beginning and even later (if the rules of the system are not followed) everything can be just the opposite. Some of these people feel weak, can not do anything. Over time, this can pass if you follow the rules.
  • It is very difficult for many to switch to such a system, as they have to completely revise their diet and abandon what was familiar and loved. It is difficult psychologically.
  • First there is the risk of failure. We all love to eat tasty food, so the first time it will be difficult not to break and not to eat a piece of fried chicken or something else.
  • Some nutritionists and doctors consider such nutrition to be unbalanced, since the meat is still necessary for the human body; it is difficult to replace it in full.
  • Appearance can change for the worse. Often, before the transition a person looks attractive, and after that he loses weight. Also the fluid leaves, which is not the best way to affect the appearance. So, the skin loses its elasticity, often becomes dry and flabby, wrinkles appear.
  • Teeth may suffer.Some acidic fruits (citruses, apples) contain rather aggressive acids that can eat up tooth enamel.

Indications and contraindications

Who is shown such a diet? In fact, everyone can decide on this, but often people who suffer from some kind of ailments resort to raw food eating. Also, the system will help clean the body of toxins. Such a kind of treatment in this case can be very effective.

You will definitely lose weight

With regard to contraindications, it will not be possible to become a food-eater for allergy sufferers, since many fruits and vegetables contain allergens, which can only be neutralized by heat treatment. In addition, some people suffering from certain diseases of the digestive system, raw food is also contraindicated.

How to become a raw foodist?

How to start raw foods? First of all, a person must decide that he needs it. Otherwise, nothing happens.

How to switch to such a power system? If overnight to refuse fried, boiled and roasted is difficult for you, do it gradually, reducing the amount of thermally processed food every day. But do not delay the process, otherwise you will never decide.

Principles of Healthy Raw Food

To learn how to eat right, you can study books, articles, magazines. And we give below the basic rules of healthy and proper raw food:

  1. In the first weeks, try to eat less to simplify the work of the digestive system and slightly unload it.
  2. Eat only when there is a feeling of hunger.
  3. All food must be carefully chewed, otherwise it will not be digested.
  4. It is better not to drink right before a meal and immediately after a meal.
  5. Water should be clean, better settled. Boil it is not worth it! You can buy mineral or bottled water.
  6. Do not store cooked salads, eat them immediately.
  7. Food should not be hot or cold. The best option is room temperature.
  8. Nuts are best absorbed in the morning, before lunch.
  9. Take your time, eat slowly.

What can and can not?

The syroeda menu is quite easy to make, especially if you decide to stick to a mixed raw food diet. Prepare fresh salads, eat foods separately. Here's what you can:

  • fruit;
  • vegetables;
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • berries;
  • greenery;
  • cold pressed vegetable oils;
  • germinated grains, seeds;
  • dairy and dairy products (not processed).

What can not be raw food? Any products that have undergone heat treatment. Sugar is also banned, as is tea or coffee. Alcohol can not be consumed either. But still, if you want, you can find a lot of recipes and cook a lot of delicious and healthy dishes.

Dessert should be so

Eat better in small portions. Here is an approximate daily ration:

  • Breakfast: 2 apples.
  • The second breakfast: a glass of milk, a handful of nuts.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad.
  • Snack: berries.
  • Dinner: Brussels sprouts.

I wish you health and good spirits!

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