Mehdi Ebraghimi Wafa- The winner of the third season of the show "Battle of psychics" on the channel TNT.

Psychic answers questions only if there is a photo !!!

Mehdi is a psychic, writer, artist, social activist and certified doctor. Born in the capital of Iran, Tehran. His father from a noble Persian family, was fond of philosophy and poetry. There were five children in the Mehdi family. Since childhood, the boy was fond of parapsychology and stories about the great soothsayers.

In 1994, Mehdi arrived in Moscow, where he entered the Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov on two specialties - medical business and dentistry. In parallel, Mehdi is receiving the education of a psychologist.

Mehdi is married and has two children. In 2007 he became a participant, and then the winner of the popular project on the TNT channel “The Battle of the Psychic”. The victory in the project completely changed his life, brought fame and demand for his abilities.

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Dear Mehdi! I broke up with my husband six months ago. Will we be together? If not, will I meet another man? Catherine (06/06/1980), Nikolai (08/17/1982). Do I have a chance to have a baby?


Tell me this question:

I am 30 years old, not married, I have a boyfriend, but so far I haven’t called for marriage and I’m not sure that in the future we will be together?


Good day Mehdi! I'm Ekaterina 07/08/1980 and my husband Alexander 07/14/1983 Really want the baby co-awaited. When will God give us a healthy baby, when will we have this little miracle?




Hello, Mehdi. I am 55 years old, (06/25/1962), retired, I do not work, I can not leave the child, I need an eye for him, yes an eye! I took an orphan from a child’s house, he is already 13 years old (30.08.


Hello Mehdi. My husband and I cannot conceive a baby. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, can this be the case? Elena (12/04/1983) Eugene (05/22/1984). Thanks for earlier.



What should I do to not get sick?

I feel like an aura is pierced

maybe I'm wrong

heart aches from april 2015

irreversible processes started from 2013

and not to repeat the mistake of 2013 August?

write on email natali.


Can not conceive baby. How long do we have to wait for a "miracle"? Catherine (11/16/1984) and Denis (03/02/1985)


Hello Mehdi I was born on 04/08/1973 in a divorce there is no own housing. There is a loved one 10 years younger but still not happy because he does not plan to live with me, but I feel I love him so much.

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