Pros and cons of the New Year in Munich

New Year ... How much sacrament and magic is hidden in these words ... Every time preparation for this wonderful holiday begins, we all are adults, we turn into children. With genuine joy, we decorate the Christmas tree, hang garlands and tinsel, cut snowflakes out of napkins ... And on New Year's Eve, we make a secret wish, and most importantly, we sincerely believe that it will come true.

Sometimes there is a desire to meet the New Year in another country, and immediately the choice falls on the good old Europe, where time seems to be frozen in the walls of gingerbread houses and narrow cobbled streets. It is in such an atmosphere that you begin to re-believe in the existence of Santa Claus.

If you plan to celebrate New Year in Europe in 2017, but do not know which place to choose, we suggest you visit one of the most ancient cities in Germany - Munich.

New Year's holidays in Bavaria are bustling Christmas markets with a lot of colorful lights, hot mulled wine, aroma of gingerbread and exquisitely decorated houses.Thousands of guests from all over the world go to New Year's Munich to admire the enchanting decoration of the city, to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of fun, to visit the incendiary parties and on top of that arrange an unforgettable shopping experience.

So, if your choice fell on this wonderful city, you are welcome - Munich hospitably opens its doors to you ...

Customs that have passed through the centuries

For Germans, Christmas and New Year are the most beloved and expected holidays for which they prepare in advance. The pre-Christmas period begins with the first Advent, which comes four weeks before Christmas night. By this time, the inhabitants of Germany elegantly decorate their homes with colorful symbols: bright garlands and Christmas-tree branches. Luminous angels and stars are hung on the windows, figures of animals and people are placed on the shelves. The main decoration of the New Year is the Christmas tree, set a few days before Christmas.

According to the ancient tradition, the first Advent in all houses is set a Christmas wreath with four candles, decorated with pine cones, tinsel and pieces of dry orange. This evening, one candle lights up, the next three Sundays - the rest.So all four of them burn on Christmas Eve.

Another symbol of the upcoming holiday is Adventkalendar (Adventskalender), which both children and adults bring positive emotions. It consists of twenty-four small windows in which small surprises are hidden: sweets or toys.

Beginning on the first day of December, a child opens one window each day with the corresponding figure. Thus, the days before Christmas are reported and the waiting time is sweetened.

There are also adult versions of such calendars, where instead of candies, written verses, jokes, or biblical quotations are “hidden”. Adventskalender can be bought in stores, but many Germans try to make it themselves to please their loved ones.

Unforgettable experience

Christmas in Bavaria smoothly flows into the New Year. How do the Germans celebrate? Residents of Germany do not sit on this magical night at home. Thousands of families go out to share joyful emotions with others. Champagne flows like a river, firecrackers and rockets are let out everywhere, and the sky is lit up with extraordinarily beautiful fireworks that can be watched for over an hour.Night clubs, bars, restaurants, concerts are open until the morning and are waiting for their guests.

In addition to the Christmas and New Year's Eve in Munich enough entertainment for other days. The city is preparing for these holidays on a special scale in order to surprise not only local residents, but also all tourists. For example, in the Munich bazaar you can see the famous 30-meter Christmas tree, on which 2500 candles are lit.

Skating rinks and slides work at numerous fairs, and a show is organized for children and adults. At Wittelsbacherplatz there are carnival processions, theatrical performances and musical performances, which take their viewers to the time of valiant knights. Here you can see fire jugglers, jugglers and artisans, and in the evening - fantastic fireworks.

Fans of classical music should visit the Munich Philharmonic or go to the Bavarian State Opera, only in advance it is necessary to take care of tickets. Nifmenburg Castle, as always, will delight its listeners with popular classic works.

On the hill of Theresienwiese, where the world-famous Oktoberfest is held, the traditional Tollwood winter festival takes place, which lasts from the end of November until the New Year.In the program you can see diverse theater performances, art installations, opera arias, performances by circus performers, actors and musicians, cabaret and variety shows. The festival ends with a large-scale party with a grand firework and a Bavarian waltz.

In winter Bavaria turns into a fairy-tale country, in which it will be extremely interesting for both children and adults.

Mild climate

If you are going to go to a new place, first of all, tourists are interested in the weather in order to properly create your wardrobe. Winter in Munich is not particularly harsh, the average temperature in December ranges from -2 С to +4 СС. A lot of snow falls rarely, so if you are lucky enough to get into such a period, then hurry to click the camera, because the city on such days is as beautiful as ever.

What are the advantages?

Those who are familiar with Munich, know that it has all the conditions for a comfortable stay of local residents and guests.

  1. It is especially good to celebrate the New Year in this place, you will not get such positive rainbow emotions anywhere else.
  2. Do not get tired to please the first-class level of service, in any place, wherever you come - in a cafe, restaurant, shop or on a skating rink - you will always be met with a sweet smile and will be served at the highest category.
  3. The city itself is struck by the beauty of the Christmas decoration, brilliant illumination, decorated with taste and chic architecture.
  4. In New Year's Munich it is difficult to get bored, at every step you are lurking various entertainment: skating rinks, cinemas, fairs, boutiques, carnival processions, performances of musicians, concerts of classical music and much more.
  5. An additional advantage is that the New Year holidays coincide with global sales, and this fact is very pleasing to all Russian women of fashion.
  6. It is impossible not to note the local cuisine, everything is very tasty and satisfying. Special compliment deserves unmatched fragrant pastries.

A drop of tar in a barrel of honey

Munich is a fairly expensive city, and this is the main disadvantage, but even this fact does not stop tourists.

Due to the large influx of tourists before the New Year, it is necessary to book not only accommodation, but also restaurants, tickets for various concerts, local guides.

If you are visiting the city for the first time, then do not settle in the Hauptnahnhof area, which is located near the central station. This quarter is inhabited by Arabs and Turks, and it is considered not very prosperous.

We reserve places in hotels

If you are planning to go to Bavaria on your own, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the prices for rental housing, restaurants and airline tickets.

  1. On New Year's holidays, a double room in a three-star hotel located in the center of Munich can be rented from 60 to 120 euros. In the four-star - from 190 euros per night. In the hotel, the higher level of prices go from 500 euros. On the outskirts you can find a cheaper option.
  2. New Year's Eve in an inexpensive restaurant will cost about 150 euros per person. This amount includes a festive program.
  3. In the cafe you can have dinner for 20-40 euros per person, a beer mug costs from 3 to 5 euros.
  4. The cost of tickets from Moscow to Munich starts from 16 thousand rubles. On the return flight the price is slightly lower and the minimum is 12 thousand rubles.

If you decide to spend the New Year holidays in Bavaria, then hurry up and book a tour in advance or reserve a place in the hotel. We are sure that Munich will captivate you with its fabulous atmosphere, and you will probably want to meet the next 2018 in this wonderful city.

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