Program habitat. What we feed on the street

Habitat. What are we fed on the street photo video to watch onlineHabitat. What we feed on the street

What we feed on the street



In this episode of the transmission Habitat - What feeds us on the street, you will find out what is in common between a tasty barber and spirits. People with their eyes closed will define a hamburger on the scent, but in fact it will not be him at all. Find out why we like to eat food from fast food so much. Determined the difference sausages, which lay in the hot dog, and those who buy in the store, the difference is really big. If you like to eatTiny - Potatoes, it will be useful to know why it grows so big and is it dangerous to eat it.Habitatin the release of "What we feed on the street»Tells what hot dogs are better to buy on the street, how to eat so as not to get better from fast food and much more.

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