Poems to the bridegroom from the bride

Wedding is a celebration of creating a new young family. In fact, on such a day the "culprits" celebrate in their address a lot of the most sincere and warm congratulations. Parents, relatives and friends - all consider it their duty to say warm words of congratulations to the young spouses.


However, the newlyweds not only receive honors from the guests, but also prepare each other congratulations. For example, you can dedicate the original verse to the groom from the bride on the day of the wedding. After all, in this way it is best to say about your feelings to your loved one, who has become your husband today. So, how to find original and touching greetings in verses? In our collection of poems - the most gentle and touching words from the bride to the bridegroom.

Bride poems for the bridegroom

In her congratulation poems, the bride can tell the groom about her feelings and make a declaration of love.

My love, I thank you
For what she brought us.
I give you my love,
That she bloomed all her life.
Today we give our oaths
That we will save our love.
In life together we will go,
And we will live in paradise.


We are with you fate connected
And may our union be strong.
I've always loved you,
And I'm proud of this love.
You're my prince, you're still my favorite -
A lot of words can tell you.
We will go together in life, honey
No one can break our union!


Now we are together forever
I am very happy. Native!
What is to be today bride
I became your wife!


Now I stand before you
With an open mind.
Now my eyes
Only truth be told
They will open what cannot be said.
And putting his hand to his chest,
Do you feel what's going on inside me?
We are so honest with you now.
After all, we stand at the altar only once.
I tell you the truth
What we will create a strong family!

As a rule, the bride's fiance’s poem contains promises to be a good wife and to take care of her beloved husband. Sometimes such speeches are made in a playfully playful form.

Nice, nice, dear,
I will be a true wife.
Boil, wash and clean,
I can give birth to children.
But you do not disappoint,
For the deeds answer.
You are the master - do not forget
Life worthy to get.


Today you are my husband,
I have been and will be needed!
I will cherish day and night,
I will not leave, I will not forget,
I will cook deliciously
Borscht cook, fry patties,
Bake excellent cheesecakes,
Sing on holidays ditties,
One has only to ask -
I'll start wearing it!
For me you are a priceless husband
Like a precious stone!

Undoubtedly, every “newly minted” husband will be pleased to hear such touching words from the young wife. When to give a speech to the bridegroom to the bride? Usually this happens in the presence of wedding guests, at a festive table. However, if desired, the bride can tell the groom all the soulful words and in private.

The bride’s fiance’s verse is a great opportunity to express your brightest feelings to the second half. Let these lovely poems dedicated to the young spouse be an excellent complement to the festive wedding atmosphere. And what a pleasant surprise it will be for the groom!

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