Poems to Santa Claus for the New Year from children of different ages. Short, funny, funny poems about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

SDM-001Everybody loves the traditional winter holidays, but the children are eagerly waiting for them. Sincere faith in the fairy tale and the desire to find a beautiful doll or a racing car under the Christmas tree inspires the kids for real feats. Even the laziest boys and girls willingly learn verses for Santa Claus and very much hope to receive a cherished gift for their performance. Parents, teachers and educators, such activity leads to complete delight and they, rolling up their sleeves, begin to search for suitable versions of poetic works.

For karapuzov 3-4 years choose short quatrains with simple meaning and a clear rhyme.With other options, guys of such a small age simply cannot cope. 5-6-7-year-olds find already more large-scale works consisting of several verses, for example, such as “It was walking through the forest, Santa Claus ...” and others. Older students are encouraged to learn new poems by contemporary authors, both serious and funny, funny and funny. In spite of the fact that children of 10–14 years already question the existence of Father Frost and Snow Maiden, they do not refuse to receive a gift, especially if all they need to do is read a holiday verse.

Short poems for children 3 years old Santa Claus at a matinee in kindergarten

The program of the Christmas party in kindergarten is usually planned in advance. In addition to funny songs, incendiary dances and outdoor games, it necessarily includes beautiful holiday poems that kids read to Santa Claus. The works are selected very carefully and must take into account the small age of young artists who are not yet able to memorize too long and complex text. Therefore, preference is given to simple, short verses with a clear rhythm and clear phrases that are well perceived by ear.


The theme of rhymed couplets should be associated with the New Year, various winter events and traditional characters for this season. Santa Claus will like this performance very much and will surely delight the little readers with pleasant souvenirs, toys and sweet gifts in the form of sweets, cookies, chocolates, apples or juicy tangerines.


Santa Claus carries toys,
And garlands, and crackers.
Good gifts
It will be a bright holiday!


Snow fluffy silver,
Father Frost rides on a troika,
Spruce spruce makes noise,
And salute in the woods rattles.


Hello Dedushka Moroz!
You probably froze:
The day went around the city
He froze his beard ...
Nose put on the battery.
I'll warm you up now!

Beautiful poems on New Year's Day to Santa Claus for children 4-5 years old


With children of 4-5 years old, they learn short, light and beautiful poems of one or two verses for the New Year's commemoration. During the holiday, the children read them to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and then receive good gifts for their expressive and bright performance.

Works are usually selected by educators, however, they always welcome the wishes of parents and must take note.On the subject of restrictions do not apply, but the most relevant is the winter-New Year's poetry of classical and contemporary authors.

In order for the kids to remember the verses well and not get lost in the process of recitation, they rehearse with them several times, first individually each individual number, and then the whole program. In the process of rough driving, children learn teamwork, train mindfulness and memorize the sequence of actions. Joint rehearsals have a positive impact on boys and girls who are embarrassed to speak publicly. Seeing a living and clear example of peers, they cope with natural shyness and get used to being in the center of attention.


Who's come?

What brought?

We know:

Santa Claus,

Grandfather gray

With beard,

He is our guest dear.

He will light the tree for us,

With us sing songs.


He rooted to my eyebrows,

He climbed into my boots.

They say he is Santa Claus

And she's naughty, like a little.

He spoiled the tap with water

In our washbasin.

They say he has a beard,

And she's naughty, like a little.

He draws on the glass

Palms, stars, skiffs.

They say he is a hundred years old

And naughty, like a little!


Shalit on the street Frost.

For the heels of plucking and the nose.

Alley apples cheeks,

And we ride on a hill.

On an icy huge hill.

And we are not cold at all!

Playing snowballs, catching up ...

Look, Frost! We even feel hot!

Poems for Santa Claus for children 6-7 years old in kindergarten and school


Children 6-7 years old, graduating from kindergarten and entering school, already possess certain skills and easily remember a rather impressive amount of text. With such children, teachers and educators learn New Year's poems of three or four verses, which children then read to Santa Claus at matinees and classroom hours.

In terms of the topic provides complete freedom. Appropriate for the execution of works on winter, created by famous Russian classics, for example, Pushkin, Lermontov or Fet. Children can already read them expressively and convey all the vivid, inspirational and quivering emotions that cause winter nature, holidays and New Year's entertainment. No less relevant are the poems of contemporary authors, describing the joy of the New Year and the delight of receiving traditional gifts.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of the poem, it is worthwhile to consult with the children themselves and find out what poetic works they would like to perform with before Father Frost and Snow Maiden at the matinee.This will strengthen the trust between generations and show the children that they are taken very seriously and respect their opinions.


Children are happy, tomorrow is the New Year.
That means Santa Claus is coming soon.
He will put a Christmas tree in the yard,
To have fun kids.
Decorate the windows in my room.
On a fun holiday will gather friends.
Tomorrow there will be games, bright lights.
Children cry out in chorus: "Fir-tree, burn!"
Together with the Snow Maiden
Stand in a round dance.
Oh, what a wonderful
New Year holiday!


Father Frost was walking through the forest
Past maples and birches,
Pasting rides, past stumps,
He walked through the forest for eight days.

He walked along the forest -
Christmas trees dressed up in beads.
On this night on New Year
He will tear them down.

In the clearing silence
The yellow moon is shining ...
All the trees are in silver,
Hares dance on the mountain

On the pond ice sparkles,
New Year is coming!


Every home has a lot of light

New Year is coming!

Snow white carriage

Santa Claus will bring.

Exactly at midnight will flash bright

In the sky there are garlands of stars.

Does not come without gifts

On this holiday, Santa Claus!

Will gather near the Christmas tree

Cheerful round dance:

Foxes, hares, squirrels, wolves -

All meet the New Year.


New poems about Santa Claus for children


Many modern poets compose children's poems about Father Frost. And it is quite natural, because the New Year's theme is always relevant and never loses its popularity. Rhymed lines about winter weather, happy holidays, gifts, Christmas trees and other pleasant attributes of the New Year are used at school holidays and kindergarten matinees, include in solemn thematic performances and write on bright cards, flyers and posters.

New children's poems about Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowflakes, snowmen, forest animals and fairy-tale characters are published in New Year wall newspapers and decorated with bright, spectacular and catchy pictures. Then schoolchildren, corridors and an assembly hall adorn these original creative items. This creates a bright, joyful atmosphere in the educational institution and gives a serious, strict premises a festive, optimistic and attractive look.

Good Grandfather Frost
Beard all overgrown.
He is in a hurry today too
Together with the granddaughter to the kids.
Snow falls from the sky,
And grandpa has a bag.
In him he is to each of us
On a present in store.


Santa Claus paper?
He is gray and important
With a beard and a bag,
With a wooden postcard ...
A whole year on the mezzanine
He lay in the dust in captivity.
And now stands on a chair
Is he under the tree on guard?
Waiting for a new year.
- Quiet! Hear? .. Goes !!!


Santa Claus is in a hurry for the holiday
In a red coat, in felt boots.
He carries with him gifts
For little kids.

Petenke - ball,
Sasha - a book,
And to the girl Katya -
Backpack bear

Not a simple backpack -
The barrel is opened,
And inside there is a cold
Northern snowman.

Funny poems about Santa Claus for children and adults


Funny, funny and funny poems about Santa Claus are relevant not only on the matinee in kindergarten or at a party in school, but also on an adult corporate or cozy office mezhdusoboychike, dedicated to the New Year. And it does not matter who reads the cheerful, optimistic and humorous rhyming lines, the kid in a carnival costume or the commercial director of a large enterprise. In any case, they will cause universal joy and the most sincere glee.

Short funny couplets can be written on beautiful thematic cards and handed to close friends, colleagues at work, classmates, classmates, just acquaintances and even neighbors on the porch.Everyone, regardless of age and social status, will be pleased to receive such a small, but very sweet, kind and touching gift. The coldest hearts warm from him and the most serious, stern and stern faces will light up with a smile.


Who is in a smart warm coat,

With a long white beard,

In the New Year comes to visit,

And ruddy and gray?

He plays with us, dancing,

With him and the holiday more fun!

- Santa Claus on our Christmas tree

The most important of the guests!


We will not meet him in the spring,

He will not come in the summer,

But in the winter to our children

He comes every year.

His blush is bright,

Beard, like white fur,

Interesting gifts

He will prepare for all.

Happy New Year congratulations,

Lush Christmas tree will light,

Children amusing,

Get up with us in the dance.

Together we meet him

We are great friends with him ...

But water hot tea

Guest can not be!


Of course, you can believe in fairy tales
And in the beard, and in the red nose! ..
But why at our door -
The twentieth grandfather Frost !?
Again insists that the house is hot
And what gifts he brought.
All is well, but only a pity
What he has is sclerosis.
And then it really gets hot
In worries for him.
After all, some - a mountain of gifts,
And the others - not one!

Funny poems about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for high school children


Not only kids of 3-4-5 and 6-7 years old will want to read the verses to Santa Claus for the New Year for a good gift. Most likely, the guys of 8-12 years will not give up such a chance, especially if you offer them to learn not simple children's rhymed couplets like “Walking in the woods Santa Claus ...” and similar options, and letting you choose a short, funny and funny quatrain or , on the contrary, a longer and lyrical work of new, contemporary authors. Teenagers will be touched by the fact that their opinion is considered and they will definitely prepare a beautiful performance that will appeal not only to a kind old man with a bag of gifts, but also to his granddaughter Snow Maiden, teachers and all spectators present at the performance.


At night, Santa Claus conjures,
That zuryuzhit, then zaduet
River shackles ice
Covers in silver,
And then goes to the houses
And a huge brush
He draws here and there
Fairy leaves.
I saw a granddaughter
Says Frost:
- Grandpa, can I?
Draw a rose?
Grandfather laughed:
- Grow up a little bit!
You will not reach
Even up to the window!
On you shoulder blade,
You have buckets
Nalep kulichikov
Yes, ride down the hill.
Cried the Snow Maiden,
Dropped tears
And in the snow right now
Roses have blossomed!
Even Grandfather spread his hands:
- Well, my granddaughter!
I must give her a present.
For the festive day!
And he got out of the bag
New Snow Maidens:
"Put on skates, quickly,
Yes, draw figures!
So it has been since
And that year,
Grandfather draws on the window
Snow patterns
A Snow Maiden - on the ice
Roses yes eights,
She has a technique
Round fives!


On a snow-white glade
Slept bunnies serenely.
Slept wolves, partridges,
Slept squirrels and foxes.
The sun was clearly rising,
The snow lay like a blanket.
In the light of dawn
Bullfinch slept soundly.
Suddenly the magpies shouted.
What did chatter say?
On the snow-covered path
There was a girl in boots.
All in the patterns of a fur coat,
Like a pearl of teeth,
Like star eyes,
Behind the long spit.
Little bunny woke up
Sweetly stretched.
Looks bunny: - That's the case!
The Snow Maiden has come to us.
Beasts began to wake up,
On a clearing to gather.
We all need to see it,
Guests of this animals are happy.
They Maiden said:
- I was looking for your Christmas tree.
All glades have bypassed,
I have not found your Christmas tree.
Did you forget
And she wasn't dressed up?
After all, without a Christmas tree, Santa Claus
In the forest for the holiday will not come!
The gray wolf carries crackers,
Hedgehog - fun toys.
Squirrels, moose and hares
Silver big bumps.
And the Snow Maiden came up
And the lights on it lit!
It has become a real tree,
Bright, festive, brilliant!
Dress up the Christmas tree together
They drank tea and sang songs.
Only a clear day has faded,
Launched the fireworks!
From the dark sky flies
Golden confetti.
Blizzard and blizzard are dancing,
Dancing wolf and waxwing,
Dancing month in the clouds,
Dance tree in the lights,
Started stars in the dance,
To celebrate the New Year!


Granddaughter of Santa Claus,
Snow princess
On a fun holiday
To us in a hurry from the forest.
And after her
Rabbits and wolves,
They probably too
I want to Christmas tree.
Gathered under the tree
All forest animals.
New Year's Eve -
Open the doors.

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