Plants for hedges

For a hedge it is better to select easy-to-care and fast-growing trees and shrubs that are suitable for your climate zone. It is important to remember that they should be planted in late summer or early autumn.

Evergreen Fence

Spruce, juniper, cypress, fir, pine, thuja and yew will be excellent options for a hedge in central Russia. The decoration of the site will be Canadian, Serbian or gray spruce. Juniper is often found in hedges, usually using easy-care species: horizontal, ordinary, Chinese and virgin. This yew is not afraid of frost, it feels great in the shade and takes root on any soils.

Deciduous plants

Deciduous shrubs and trees will decorate the garden: lilac, acacia, maple, hawthorn, elder, currant, eosklety, viburnum and jasmine-chubushnik. Gardeners also have deciduous barberry with purple shoots. Make a hedge of a true work of art will help privet, its bushes can be given any shape.Hawthorn will delight with its bright colors from spring to late autumn. You can also plant boxwood and forsythia, but these are quite capricious plants that are not afraid of frost, but can die from the bright sun and strong wind.

Weaving plants for hedge

The hedge is an element of landscape design and decoration of the site. So that it is pleasing to the eye, many gardeners choose flowering plants. Climbing rose belongs to them, but for the hedge it is necessary to choose only winter-hardy varieties. It blooms very long, color yellow, white, burgundy or red.

The unique aroma in the summer will give the honeysuckle capricolee, besides, it tolerates frosts well. No less popular are wisteria, campsis, clematis, calistegia, wild rose, deice, hydrangea, and Japanese spiraea.

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