Photo-tricks from optimistic Russian villages

7Life in the villages is significantly different from the usual urban life. And we do not even suspect how much! Those who live in large metropolitan areas, and small towns, it seems that life in the countryside is frozen and does not move forward. However, it is not! In the villages, too, a lot is changing, including with the development of technological progress.

Let's see how people live in the Russian villages of the twenty-first century!

Call the villages right! Interestingly, there is already a village called Vai-Fay?

7The main thing is that the car reflects the character of the driver. We are against any modern cars, we are proud of our vehicles!

1This is how you can feel like an emperor in an ordinary Russian village! Sorry, the wooden mansion is a bit damp

2How nice when a loved one picks up in the evening from work!

4Local communication at a decent level!

0_14a161_5e034b02_origGen. modern rural grandmother. This is not a “Russian Lotto” and “Field of Miracles” to watch!

5Now there is something to do with friends and no longer need to discuss all passers-by! "Let's get married" from the monitor screen right in your yard!

6Post office. I wonder if they still use pigeons or have already gone to e-mail?

8Modern hut should look like this!



These were the coolest photos from modern Russian villages! You must admit that much has now changed, but most of the villagers remain true to their traditions. However, the traditions change over time - now you are more likely to send a message to Odnoklassniki to your grandmother than a New Year's card by mail!

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