Perfect Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian themes are ideal for holding an adult corporate party or a children's birthday party or any holiday. The main accompanying of any Hawaiian party is a sea of ​​fun, dance, thematic music, bright colors, interesting contests, flowers and fruits. If you want to rally the team as much as possible or just to have an unusual holiday, then this is the article for you.

How to do?

The first step is to carry out the preparatory work. You need to decide on the place of the event - it will be nature or, due to the weather or the season, will have to be held indoors. Hawaiian party in nature has its own small features.

In the open air

It is best to choose a special clearing for recreation or, of course, the ideal option - a beach on the beach. The venue should be guarded by creating an impromptu entrance through which you will meet each guest.

Usually,for a party in the Hawaiian style in nature, you need to pick up and break a cute tent, which should be decorated with lots of flowers and bright decorations. Inside the tent, you can spread out the mats and blankets on which to lay out the pillows so that the guests are comfortable and comfortable.

If the party is scheduled until late in the evening, then you need to worry about lighting.

The ideal option is pre-prepared fires and torches, which, if necessary, can be quickly ignited. It is easy to make a torch with your own hands, and you can also buy finished products in any hardware store in your city.

In room

All other tips that are offered for a Hawaiian indoor party can also be applied to nature. Home or office space is a little like these hot islands, so you need to put a lot of effort to recreate the correct image.

As accessories for the party, live and artificial flowers are ideal, with the most tropical look, for example, home palms.

You can make flowers yourself, from bright paper, thread them on long threads, and hang them on the walls and in the doorways.

By the way, for the doorways are ideally suited decorative network, which can also be embellished with rich colors. Do not forget, diversity and brightness - the main attributes of the right Hawaiian party.

Posters with images of islands, seas and beaches are usually hung on the walls, and themed wooden masks on the walls will look good.

If the room accommodates a large number of tables, then do not forget that they must be filled with fruits and flowers. In the center of each table you can put a small round aquarium, which runs a couple of bright aquarium fish, they can be purchased at any pet store.

If the Hawaiian party should be located near the pool, then run into it an inflatable mattress, which is decorated in advance with flowers and lit candles. Such a peculiar accessory depicts a raft that floats on the seashore.

What next?

Once you have decided on the venue, prepared all the necessary accessories to decorate it, you need to make a list of guests and, of course, prepare invitations.

An invitation to a Hawaiian party should also be special, so that the right atmosphere is established even before the party itself begins.It can be as found and printed from the Internet images, you can not worry, enthusiasts have already bothered you, so you will only have to download the templates and distribute them among your friends.

You can also use the mail service by sending each a personal invitation. Do not forget to indicate that the entrance to your party requires a special dress code, because it is the right setting and bright costumes that will be able to customize your party in the desired fashion.

A Hawaiian do-it-yourself party is a lot of work, which includes not only the preparation of accessories for the room, but also the creation of themed costumes. Surely, after you send out invitations, your friends will have a lot of questions on the topic of costumes.

Interesting solutions can be found in traditional costumes of Hawaiian residents, there are many articles on the Internet on this topic, you can even buy ready-made costumes for a Hawaiian party: special women's skirts resembling a sheaf of seaweed, bright bodices or coconut halves that will replace the top of women's clothing.

Bright shorts and shirts may be suitable for men, all this is complemented by bright beads and Hawaiian lei, glasses, girls can weave bright flowers and hairpins with pearls into their hair. You can also use the usual bathing suits, decorated with the above listed Hawaiian attributes. The main thing is a fantasy!

Correct script

After you have made all the necessary preparations, you can finally begin! Carefully consider the scenario so that your guests do not get bored and do not lose Hawaiian spirit, completely immersed in the atmosphere of the holiday.

To start a Hawaiian party is better with a traditional meeting of the guests, during which each guest receives an obligatory attribute - Hawaiian lei or beads.

Such an unusual beginning of the party is better to pass into the hands of the dark-skinned beauty or the tanned pumped-up guy, who must personally put ornaments on the neck of the guests and kiss everyone on the cheek. While all the guests are slowly gathering, those who have already arrived should not be bored, so prepare a buffet table with light snacks - fruits, berries and soft drinks.

To make the atmosphere completely consistent with the theme, prepare in advance the music for the party. The ideal option would be guest musicians, preferably Africans, who will beat the Hawaiian motifs on drums.

As soon as all the guests get together, the presenter should get everyone's attention, who will start the evening. The appearance of the host should also be consistent with the theme of the evening.

In order to somehow stir up people, it is necessary to begin with simple actions, for example, to hold a couple of simple competitions or to perform some kind of ceremony. Select the "leader" of the party and a couple of "beautiful priestesses" who need to be given their attributes of power.

Do not forget that people should not be hungry, so take care, as it should, about the correct menu of the evening.

It should also be in tropical style - fried fish, pineapple slices, fried bananas, sweet Hawaiian bread or fried sweet potatoes. There are many variations, think about what will be perfect exactly in your case.

An integral part of all Hawaiian parties is their rich program, so make a list of contests and entertainment.A traditional and uncomplicated game that should be present at any Hawaiian party is Limbo. The rules are simple and known to everyone since childhood. It is necessary to pass under the rope to the fiery music and not to fall. With each new lap, the rope goes lower and lower, and the guests become even more fun.

The next mandatory entertainment is a master class in traditional Hawaiian dances - "Hula". There must be a person who will show these jiggling and undulating movements with the hips that girls like to dance, and men do not refuse to look at it again.

Do not forget that contests for a Hawaiian party should be fun and relaxed, but with a certain focus. Prepare prizes for the most active and winners of competitions, it is better that they also were in a tropical style - fruits, Hawaiian decorations or a special cocktail from the host of the party.

And, finally, do not forget that everything should be decorated - even glasses and plates. Suitable paper decorations in the form of palms and beach umbrellas, which can decorate glasses, use as many bright straws and napkins.Imagine, and then, your party will be remembered for a long time, both to you and your guests.

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