Perfect and unique wedding manicure of the bride (8 photos)

It is not for nothing that it is believed that women's hands are a part of the body that has always attracted attention, and sometimes even tempted. Ukhozhennost nails and fingers is considered one of the main rules of women, which monitors their appearance, and also wants to remain attractive and elegant.

And the wedding is no exception. Of course, when preparing for such an important day, the bride’s main attention is concentrated on the dress, hairstyle, invitation, but her hands should not be left without attention, because how many moments on this holiday day are connected with her fingers.

Despite the fact that for almost every girl a manicure is quite a usual and ordinary business that does not cause any particular difficulties, then on the wedding day it is necessary to treat this part of the preparation with particular awe and attention.

The bride's wedding manicure is a special kind of manicure, which, in many respects, opens up great opportunities for the girl, but at the same time limits it.Since the wedding is a very solemn and pompous day, some excesses and pretentiousness are allowed, both in separate attributes and in the whole image. That is why the design of a manicure for a wedding can be different crazy fictions and violent imagination.

However, there are some limitations, as well as recommendations that must be followed, or at least listened to, if you want to avoid disturbing you on the day of the wedding, like a trifle like a manicure.

What to advise?

First of all, do not chase after long and ultra-thin nails, especially if you have never worn such nails. Of course, every girl would very much like to be the most unusual and creative bride, but think for yourself. On the wedding day, the bride is in an unusual dress for herself - a gorgeous dress for which sharp marigolds will constantly be clinging, constant bouquets in her hands, and there are a lot of them on such a day!

And a lot of doors, contests, hugs, and all these non-standard situations, in which it is very easy not to save nails, so a short wedding manicure can be the perfect solution. Of course, girls who are accustomed to long nails can, of course, take the risk.You can pay attention to the average length, which also usually does not interfere with all wedding ceremonies.

Any manicure will look better and well-groomed, if 10-14 days to resort to the procedure of hygienic manicure, regardless of the hardware or any other.

It is desirable at the same time to do various hand skin care procedures, this includes various hand massages, whitening and nourishing masks for hands, paraffin therapy. Naturally, such measures will help bring the hands in perfect shape, soften the skin, as well as align and restore the color of the hands. And only after that it is worth going to the fingertips.

The next tip is nail extension. If suddenly you decide that your wedding manicure should be done with the help of extended nails, but you have never used such services before, then it is better to prepare for this in advance.

It is advisable to choose a master, who will advise you a friend or acquaintance, as you can run into an unqualified specialist who can spoil your beauty. Try to grow nails, at least two weeks before the upcoming event, to get used to the new sensations and see if you can withstand the holiday with such a manicure.

Naturally, in a day or two, you will have to go on correcting new marigolds so that everything looks perfect on your wedding day, and you can already make exactly the same pattern that is supposed to be on the day of the celebration.

By the way, there is a group of diseases in which such a procedure can be contraindicated, for example, some stomach diseases, pregnancy, by the way, even on the threshold of menstruation, the procedure of strengthening and building nails is not recommended.

And what about the drawings and patterns?

A wedding is an amazingly solemn and unique holiday that allows you to play plenty of fantasy. However, there are some rules here, although, of course, this whole matter of taste. Traditional wedding manicure, which is most often used at such celebrations, is a French, that is, French manicure.

And this is quite natural, since all its variations, starting from the classic with a white tip, ending with the additions of patterns and stones, perfectly fit into the overall image of the bride, who, most often, is dressed in white.

French manicure is done on short nails as well as on very long ones.moreover, the variety of forms and patterns can not fail to amaze with its quantity. The tip can be made not only strictly white, but also in pastel and cream colors.

Remember the main rule, the design of your nails should be in addition to your image as a whole, and not a separate work of art, which will always be evident.

To do this, you can show your manicure master a piece of fabric from your wedding dress or show his picture to see the lace and the patterns with which it is decorated. It is possible that in the wedding dress lies the main idea for the design of your nails.

Any manicure for the wedding can perfectly decorate the patterns on the nails, which can repeat the patterns of your dress, or overlap with the bride's bouquet. For example, you can depict the petals of those flowers that will be included in the bouquet, add their shades, outlining their contours.

These flowers can be "revive" by adding modeling of acrylic. In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it, often in this way decorate one finger, for example, the ring finger.

Lovers of shiny and iridescent can come up with a version with crystals and crystals.In this matter, it is worth considering the fact that the color of the stones must match the color of the stones on the dress and in the hair, so that there is no search in shades.

Rhinestones and crystals are fixed on the nails in the form of fancy patterns, or they simply decorate a design element with one pebble, such patterns will sparkle in the light like real precious stones.

In order not to bother your head with various build-ups and fortifications, you can make a wedding manicure on your fingernails, especially if they are naturally beautiful in shape and solid structure.

By the way, patterns made in the form of fine lace look very interesting on your nails.

Some girls boldly add bright notes to their wedding manicure, complementing the drawings with red, blue or any other abstract lines. If you decide to resort to bright colors, then consider the color of your skin, for example, too light skin does not match with blue and blue shades.

We hope that our advice will be useful and informative, and your nails on your wedding day will be an excellent conclusion to your festive look.

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