Part-time job in Moscow: second job options for women

A modern woman can work two or three jobs - often even in non-adjacent industries. Labor market experts say that the number of women who have a regular or irregular part-time job is increasing annually. So, this year this indicator was 32.7% - against the last year’s figure of 29%. This trend is primarily due to financial needs.

What kind of work do women choose as a source of additional income?

CopywriterThis job attracts women the opportunity to choose the load and time to perform tasks. However, in order to have a stable income, it is necessary to have cooperation with regular customers and have a positive reputation (for example, on freelance exchanges) - otherwise the search for projects is at times more difficult. The average income of a copywriter is 15 thousand rubles.

Waiter.The most popular among job seekers are vacancies for waiters in Moscow.As a rule, students and girls who work in freelancing are arranged as additional extra work for such positions. Thus, more than 3 thousand job offers for waiters in Moscow are openly on the And the average income for them is 40 thousand rubles.

Tutor.Tutoring (school program, foreign languages, etc.) can earn from 20 to 60 thousand rubles a month.

SMM specialist.The labor market constantly needs competent specialists to promote goods, services or brands. With the required skills, it is not difficult to find an interesting project in the capital - besides, many employers offer the option of remote collaboration, which allows combining part-time work with primary employment. On the position of a promotion specialist, you can earn an additional 15-40 thousand a month.

Nurse, nanny:such positions are calculated, to a greater extent, on visiting women. Muscovites do not consider them because of the need for permanent residence, but if part-time work is to be done (for example, 3 hours a day), they work in this way. Earnings in this case amounts to 10-30 thousand rubles.

In addition, women choose such positions as a manicurer, hairdresser, event organizer, realtor, and confectioner as additional income. Earnings vary depending on the level of skills and load, and is 15-50 thousand rubles.

How to effectively combine the main job and work-outs?

If you decide to take on additional work, objectively evaluate yourself as a professional in the chosen field. Then you need to analyze the requirements of the labor market and make a professional resume. When choosing an additional source of income, be guided by the following aspects:

- how much time you will be able to devote to new work (not to the detriment of basic employment, family and health);

- how much personal time will you have (rest, self-development, etc.).

Also set for yourself a financial "minimum" for which you agree to additional work.

If you decide to work on freelance, create a presentable portfolio. Describe achievements and experience, link them to the best works. If there are no such achievements yet, start with simple orders. Try to improve knowledge, believe in yourself and be persistent. As a result, your portfolio will certainly work for you.

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