Oval Face Hair Cutting Board

Choosing a haircut is an important step towards creating an ideal image. And if you want a hairdress for you to fit, when choosing it, consider the shape of your face. And what options are suitable for oval? Find out right now!

Oval face features

An oval face is considered the most correct and feminine. Moreover, it is recognized as one of the most common types. And the owners of this form are incredibly lucky, because they can afford any, even the most courageous experiments, almost everything goes for them!

How to choose a hairstyle?

What haircut is suitable for an oval face? It all depends on the desired length, and it can be any! Below are interesting options.

Short haircuts

If you are ready to donate long hair for a bold, bright and stylish look, choose one of the short haircuts, which, by the way, are very relevant lately.


  • "Garson." Today, this hairstyle is chosen by many stars, and she, contrary to popular belief, does not make them look like men. On the contrary, this haircut is able to open the face and emphasize all his femininity.Hair is cut short, but there is a graduation, which gives volume. Laying options weight: from restrained and strict to careless and bright.
  • "Pixie" is similar to the "garcon", but the curls are longer. In addition, often in such a haircut there is a bang (usually torn or oblique).
  • "Sesson" - another interesting and unusual option. This is a very complex three-dimensional haircut that frames the entire face. Usually the bangs are cut off by an arch, and the other locks most often half or completely cover their ears. As a result, a rather bold, but at the same time very feminine and close to classic look is created.
  • "Bean". If you think it is absolutely not feminine haircut, then you are greatly mistaken. Firstly, choosing the appropriate option, you can disguise some of the shortcomings, for example, protruding ears. Secondly, the curls will become more voluminous. Thirdly, you will become bright and sexy.

Medium haircuts

Hairstyle for medium hair, which is suitable for owners of an oval face, is also quite a lot. Here are some of them:

  • Kare. There are several of its options (for example, elongated, square on the leg), and girls with an oval face are absolutely everything! And if the hairdresser tries, then with the help of this hairstyle he will be able to give volume to the curls.
  • Cascading haircut, first, will make the curls more voluminous (if properly performed), and secondly, slightly reduce the amount of hair, making it easier to care for them. A good option for any type of hair, except curly.

Long haircuts

Long hair is also very go girls with an oval face, they are a symbol of femininity, but require special care.

Suitable options:

  • Long cascade. If you want to keep the length of your hair, but at the same time at times to facilitate the care of them, feel free to choose this hairstyle. Volume with proper performance and compliance with the technology of cutting is guaranteed, but in fact the hair will be less, that is, you can wash and dry them faster.
  • Long hair without bangs. If this haircut seems boring to you, just imagine how many different complex and simple hairstyles you can do! The only thing that is worth giving up is small curls, they can look ridiculous and are far from all. And you can experiment with the parting. In general, this is an almost universal option.
  • Long hair with bangs. This hairstyle can make the image more youthful, feminine, tender and even somewhat romantic.Chalk, by the way, can be almost anything: a torn short, straight long, oblique, arcuate and so on. And changing only its shape, you update the whole image! The length of the hair will remain the same.
  • "The little lad." This hairstyle is almost out of fashion, but it is worth remembering about it. Owners of the correct oval face is better to start the “ladder” not from the cheekbones (although if they are given out, you can close them), but from the chin to emphasize the femininity and softness of the features.

What else should be taken into account when selecting hair?

The shape of the face - this is not the only criterion that should be guided in the selection of hair. It is necessary to take into account some other equally important points:

  1. Facial features. Fashionable and stylish hairstyles should favorably emphasize the advantages and hide flaws. For example, if you have a long nose, it is better to give up your bangs, as it will make it more prominent. It is desirable to cover wide cheekbones with soft curls falling on them. Girls with a high forehead are very bangs, and preferably not closing it completely and not very heavy.
  2. Hair type If your hair is thin, then your main task is to give it volume.If, on the contrary, they are thick, then excessive volume will be superfluous. If the curls are naughty, then you should choose a hairstyle that requires a minimum of effort when styling. Curly hair should not be too short, otherwise they will stick in different directions.
  3. Fashion style. And it is also worth considering. For example, if you wear classic clothes, then choose a low-key and elegant hairstyle: square, "bob", "sessun" or long hair. If you prefer a free style, take a look at the cascade or experiment with bangs. But the bright natures just fit stylish short haircuts.
  4. Lifestyle. Active hairstyles are suitable for hair, not requiring styling. Hair should not interfere. And if you have a lot of time and fantasy works well, then experiment with long hair.


A few recommendations:

  • If you can not decide, then find photos of girls with similar features and facial shapes and choose the most suitable hairstyle.
  • You can ask for help from an experienced hairdresser or stylist.
  • To assess the hair really and soberly, try trying on different wigs.

Now you can definitely find the right haircut!

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