Original Box

The 21st century is a time when technology develops faster than a person manages to deal with previous innovations. Moreover, this is the time when people are trying to buy the attention of a person with the help of various gifts that modern stores are witting away. Therefore, as a result, people are not too happy about such a gift, because such presents have become more and more predictable. Of course, many gifts benefit, the same sweater, the same jeans. But these are the things that we ourselves can purchase and that are in at least one copy in our lockers. Another thing, when a gift made with your own hands, radiates warmth and positive energy. Indeed, in such crafts man-creator not only invests his time and work, as well as a piece of himself and his soul. Often hand-made creations require considerable attention to every detail, since success can be destroyed by the slightest disregard of rules or untidiness , as well as inattention. This is not an easy thing, so when you start work, be patient with patience.Of course, we all know that failures harden, but not in our case. We bring to your attention the step-by-step creation of the original box for storing the accessories that you need every day when creating original and simple hairstyles. Every creative needlewoman should worry about that all the materials needed for the casket were found or purchased before you sit down and start creating the beautiful. We will need the following materials: scissors, colorless glue, a round piece of cardboard (or a different kind of cardboard, even a square, it all depends on what form of box you are going to make it real), knitting threads, toothpicks and an awl or pin. DSC05054 First of all, take our already shaped cardboard, pin and toothpicks. With the help of a pin or sewed, we make holes in the carton at a distance of one centimeter. Then we check whether the toothpicks are firmly held in the vertical position.
 Original Box
 Original Box
Along the edges of the card, touching the toothpicks,we make a glutinous path and begin the weaving of the box.  The original box
We make the box weave with the help of threads, making a zigzag in a circle.
 Original Casket

Original casket
We perform this procedure to the very top of the toothpicks or to the middle. It depends on what height of the casket you plan to leave. If to the middle, the unnecessary parts of toothpicks - cut.  Original Box We hide the tops of toothpicks, imitating squiggles, using threads.
The original casket
 Original Box Congratulations! Your casket is ready. You can safely add your accessories there or donate to a dear person.

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