Original and simple hairstyles in retro style

If you are finally tired of modern hairstyles and styling, then perhaps it's time to look back a bit and remember what was fashionable just in the last century.

Retro-style, which famous designers have long been allocated in a separate direction and continue to develop hard, is able to create unique and charming images with a touch of light antiquity.

Perhaps you did not notice, but most of the collections of world fashion houses are created based on the trends in hairdressing, which were popular 20 or even 80 years ago!

Examples of perfect retro-images in hairdressing art were elegant and bright babett, which Audrey Hepburn so successfully presented to the whole world in the famous film “Breakfast at Tiffany's”. And what are the frivolous and such seductive light curls of Marilyn Monroe, a sex symbol of the 50s?

Not to mention the "boyish" fashion from the top model Twiggy of the late 60s and early 70s of the last century,as well as the famous “cold wave”, which was so popular in the distant 20s, and even today is a model of elegant evening styling.

Hairstyles in retro style are always stylish, fashionable and elegant, with their help it is easy to stand out from the “gray mass”, to show your impeccable taste and ability to look good.

Today we will not just praise the grace of hairdressing of past years, but also learn how to do something like this with our own hands, it turns out that everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance!

These hairstyles fit perfectly, as in a sophisticated evening look, and easily complement your casual style, while putting curls, you do not have to spend too much time, because most of them are simple, but very interesting, variations on the theme of curls or large curls. Let's see!

Babette in the style of Audrey Hepburn

The hairstyle, which has already literally become a classic, was first noticed by the inimitable Holly Golightly from the famous Breakfast at Tiffany. For its creation, the film's stylists spent a lot of effort and patience, used artificial curls, tons of varnish, foam roller and hairpins, but the result was worth it!

Today, famous celebrities are trying to repeat many celebrities, getting ready to go on the red carpet, many girls dream to recreate the retro image of their beloved heroine, however, not everyone succeeds. To bring your hair to life, you need to be the owner of long and straight hair, otherwise it will be difficult to cope with it.

Pure hair must be pulled up with an iron so that they become perfectly even. Then we assemble them into a high ponytail, which we immediately divide into two parts: from one part we form a bundle and fix it with hairpins.

The second part is again divided into two strands: with one strand we close the base of the bundle on the left side, and the second - the base of the bundle on the right side. The ends of the hair straighten with a brush and hide under the base of the beam, styling must be secured with varnish.

Laying ala Monroe

Feminine, light and golden waves, slightly raised from the roots, are able to drive anyone crazy, no wonder Marilyn Monroe herself loved them so much. Who will go such a hairstyle?

Unleashed and self-confident girls who can boast of golden curls of medium length.It is not difficult to make such styling, the main thing is to stock up on large hair curlers and a good hair fixator.

So, we create a hairdress: on damp hair we put foam for fixation, we comb it well, and then we dry hair with hair drier. Then wind them on curlers and finally dry it on hot mode.

Now carefully remove the curlers, and, trying not to damage them, straighten the curls with waves, and do not use the comb. For additional effect, the hair can be brushed back or sideways with hands, and then fixed with varnish.

Hairstyle page from Barbara Streizend

Calling such a woman “a pussy” is difficult, in spite of the fact that she preferred haircut and styling like “page”. The actress often experimented with images, however, it was the "page" on short hair that fell in love with her fans most, as a result of becoming a retro classic of her time.

Making such a styling is easy; all you need is a comb with large teeth, mousse and hairspray. Neither clean wet curls apply mousse, comb them and put them in the side parting.

Use a hair dryer to dry the hair lightly, and then, using a medium-sized brush, twist the front strands so that their tips are facing inwards.Using the same brush, add volume to the top of the head and fix the styling with varnish.

Retro hairstyle with ribbon

In the 60s, voluminous and tall hairstyles came into vogue, and a variety of hair and overhead strands began to gain special popularity. Laying with a pile and ribbon is a good option for every day with a touch of light vintage that will add a special highlight to your look.

Again, it is not difficult to make a hairstyle: clean hair should be divided into a diagonal parting, the two front strands near the ears should be separated from both sides and fastened with clips.

Hair on the crown should be collected in a separate strand, combed at the base and tossed back to form a small "cap". Now we take the tape and put it on the head as the hoop should look like, we tie the ends on the back of the head, if necessary we fix it with the help of invisible hair.

The front strands, which were pinned up with clips, are tossed over the ears and gently pinned up invisible in such a way that their ends are hidden under the hair. Done! Spray the final version with varnish.

80s fleece

The 80s of the last century are associated with all lovers and professionals of hairdressing with wild buttocks, eccentric shapes and voluminous curls, which, as it were,create deliberate carelessness on the general background.

Just look at the photos of the beauties of the 80s! It is not too difficult to do something similar and very shocking: it is enough to arm yourself with small hair curlers and a lacquer with powerful fixation. Apply the foam on clean damp hair, lightly dry it and wind a lot of small strands on the curlers, again dry it with hot air.

Then we remove the curlers, straighten the curls and with the help of a round brush we make an additional bouffant of medium degree. The resulting head of hair can be laid on its side, assembled into a tail or laid behind its back, do not forget to fix everything with varnish.

So, for some half an hour you get a beautiful and very bright image that is perfect for parties or trips to a nightclub.

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