On the same wavelength: books and decorations in a nautical style

On the same wavelength: books and decorations in a nautical style

Ring SL, white gold, diamonds (to order)

True power never hinders beauty and harmony, it itself often breeds them; in all that is beautiful in the world, the force is akin to magic

Somerset Maugham "Fluttering of the Leaf" (1921)


The seven stories, united by the “Hawaiian” theme, were born to the author, as he explains in the preface, because of the desire to show that the reality of the “paradise” islands is not as romantic and serene as it is presented, but no less interesting. Each story is a story of someone's life, someone's relationship, full of tragic and ironic, philosophical and mundane-everyday life, seasoned with exotic flavor. In the earthly paradise of the islands of the South Sea, people are not always sinless and not always happy. But the longing for the warmth and sunshine of these stories will quench like a Hawaiian cocktail with coconut milk and pineapple juice. Jewelry in unison stories should be with an ethnic twist.

On the same wavelength: books and decorations in a nautical style

Brooch-pendant SL, silver, corundum, cubic zirconias (to order)

The uneasy thing is the soul, and since man gained it, he has lost Eden.

Alexander Green "The Scarlet Sails" (1916–1922)


This is perhaps the most romantic and most nostalgic beautiful, reminiscent of the school of youth book, which you can take with you to leave to the sea. You probably know the story of the life and love of the dreamer Assol, the daughter of a poor sailor, and the aristocrat Arthur Gray, who abandoned the orderly and fresh life of ancestors for the fickle, adventurous fate of the captain of his own ship. Rereading the story, you will often catch yourself looking at the horizon line: will there appear a symbol of a dream come true and an all-conquering feeling - a three-mast "Secret" with scarlet silk sails? Let the “other half” of the book be just as romantic and symbolic jewelry.

On the same wavelength: books and decorations in a nautical style

Pendant Sokolov, silver, zircons (to order)

Sea and love do not tolerate pedants

Virginia Woolf "On the Lighthouse" (1927)


The venerable family of Ramsey has a tradition - to spend holidays, renting a house on the Scottish island of Skye, mountainous, with landscapes of severe beauty, in which medieval castles adjoin fishing villages.The ancient lighthouse serves as the decoration of this “end of the earth” and the unbiased witness of everything that happens here.

The mother of Ramsey’s family is the ideal of a Victorian woman: she brings up eight children, cares for her husband, home and numerous guests who do not leave their rented mansion, does charity work. In a few minutes, when she manages to get rid of the hassle and be alone with herself, she feels like a completely different person, capable of dreaming, thinking and feeling everything that happens to her, really. The opposite of Mrs. Ramsey - the artist Lily Brisco, convinced that the meaning of a woman's life should not be reduced to the maintenance of the hearth. The novel has a taste of sea salt and the cool breath of the sea wind: it is about the fragility of beauty, fleeting, like summer, about female sacrifice, taken for granted, about the difficulties of self-realization of a woman outside the family ... Jewelry accents that meet the spirit of the book are the symbol of a bird, captivated in a golden cage, that makes a nest in the rocks or freely hovers over the waves.

On the same wavelength: books and decorations in a nautical style

Pendant Sokolov, rose gold, cubic zirconias (to order)

And the sea rushes about, tosses, and if someone shakes off the blanket and sleep, and rushes to the shore, and begins to wander back and forth on the sand in the hope of finding answers, he will not find anything, nothing there ...

Ernest Hemingway "Islands in the ocean" (1950–1951)


The novel, centered on a fictional face - the famous American marine painter of the mid-twentieth century, Thomas Hudson, in fact, borrows a lot from the biography of Hemigui himself: from the author’s appearance, age and worldview to the number of his marriages, children, solitary life in the lap of nature and other recognizable details. Hudson’s idyllic years in the Bahamas, on Bimini Island, next to Cuba, are first disturbed by family tragedy (two younger sons and their mother, Thomas’s second ex-wife, die in a car accident) and then World War II. Hudson, who moved to Cuba for patriotic reasons, helps to collect data on German submarines in the Liberty Island area ...

The novel is worth reading in order to draw in your imagination the same ocean views that Hudson wrote, take a walk with him along the sandy coasts full of shells, crabs, birds and turtles, and most importantly - get close to an intelligent, interesting person who stoically takes blows fate, until the last day, loses neither courage nor love for this world.Ornaments to the book will suit those that will remind you of the flora and fauna of the ocean and the "paradise" islands, inspiring you to take up your brush or camera.

On the same wavelength: books and decorations in a nautical style

Earrings SL, silver, zircons (order)

It is necessary to find the main thing in yourself, wherever you are

Alessandro Baricco Sea-Ocean (1993)


This book is changeable like the sea: it resembles a philosophical parable, a love story, a mystical novel, a detective story or a thriller ... People of different destinies meet in a solitary tavern on the coast to heal the sea, to find answers to their questions. Someone craves inspiration, someone - a scientific discovery, someone - getting rid of fear of a huge world, and someone - healing a broken heart. The sea element in this novel and the center of gravity of the storylines, and a full-fledged, independent character whose "speech" is the sound of the surf is audible on every page. A dolphin has long been considered to be a symbolic intermediary between man and the sea - why not choose holiday decorations embodying this wise and cheerful animal?

On the same wavelength: books and decorations in a nautical style

Ring SL, silver, cubic zirconias (to order)

The sea is fascinating, <...> it gives wealth and does not give answers; it is wise, gentle, and strong, and unpredictable. But the main thing - the sea is calling

Charlotte Rogan "The Boat" (2012)


Anyone who likes the tragic romance of the Titanic will also like this book. For the main heroine of the novel, 22-year-old Grace Winter, everything begins as a fairy tale: in the summer of 1914 she marries a rich young man, and the newlyweds leave London for New York on the respectable liner "Empress Alexandra". In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean liner crashes, and Grace miraculously manages to be in one of the lifeboats. The young woman and her companions will have three terrible weeks of wandering around the waves, not everyone is destined to survive. Trials expose the strongest and darkest sides of people in the same boat, and Grace is changing. Empathizing with the heroine, it is easy to imagine what kind of jewelry was on her when she got into the boat - of course, pearls, as a lady should be. So in this case, in the accessories, we give preference to such a gift of the sea, like mother-of-pearl.

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