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Review addedMarch 26, 2014authorBeshka

Hand cream "Velvet hands"

Nourishing and affordable cream

A series of hand creams "Velvet hands" really love. I often use water in the water and after it the skin of the hands is always dry, unpleasant to the touch, so one tube of the cream is always at my fingertips, and I carry the second in my purse.
Most often I buy “Nutritious” or “Complex for hands and nails”, after it my hands really become softer, nails become stronger. This effect is also due to the fact that I use the cream regularly. The cream is absorbed very quickly, creating a pleasant smooth feeling. It has a pleasant unobtrusive flavor.
The shelf life is big - 36 months, but I usually have a tube (75 ml) ending a month later.
Pleases affordable price - 40-50 rubles per tube.
Affordable price
Perfectly moisturizes
Smells good
Different hand creams to choose from - nourishing, softening, complex, protective, etc.

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