Nodular toxic goiter - symptoms and diagnosis

Most often, tumors are benign, but can look like cysts filled with a thick fluid, and also be malignant.

Nodular toxic goiter often begins with general symptoms - general weakness, rapid fatigue when performing normal work, rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), irritability. A person usually associates his condition with overwork, lack of sleep, does not go to the doctor, and the disease progresses in the meantime.

Then sweating joins the symptoms of toxic goiter, weight decreases, hands begin to shake, constant headaches bother. At this stage of development of the goiter of the thyroid gland, some patients turn to doctors and they are given the correct diagnosis and treatment is prescribed. In other patients, the disease develops further.

As a result of further enlargement of the node, unpleasant sensations appear along the front surface of the neck, a feeling of pressure and difficulty in swallowing.Unlike diffuse toxic goiter (goitre's disease), nodular does not develop eye glazing and characteristic skin symptoms.

For the diagnosis of toxic goiter appointed a series of studies. Ultrasound of the gland is necessarily performed, the blood test for hormones will be prolonged: TSH, T3 and T4. If necessary, a scintigraphy of the thyroid gland, the determination of antibodies to its tissues in the blood. If a malignant neoplasm is suspected, a biopsy is performed followed by a cytological examination of tissues and MRI.

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