New Year's candle and decoration for it

We all love the holiday of New Year and Christmas. They are very funny and vividly memorable, despite the fact that they fall out in the cold season. The most important thing is that this holiday is celebrated at home, among relatives and friends and with different beauties and delicacies on the New Year's table. By itself, the New Year is a holiday of miracles and magic, respectively, and the preparation for it should be the same. Everything must be carefully prepared and planned, and most importantly, that everything on the table looked with delight. The most important element of the decor on the table is, of course, a beautiful New Year's candle, decorated with various Christmas accessories, so to speak, home. And in order to give yourself pleasure, you can make such a composition from candles yourself. And surely every housewife has candle ends, so they just do not need to be thrown away, they need to be collected, and then melted down and make one big candle out of them. So, to create such a composition you need to take:• Butts from under the candles,about 200 grams; • High tin jar from a drink; • Candle wick, holder for it; • Red and green cardboard; • • Toothpicks and napkins; • Napkin for decoupage with New Year's elements; • Stamens, berries in sugar, shiny bouquets; • Gold net; • Cord of sackcloth; • Asterisks of brown sisal; • Sisal of several colors; • Cones; • Ribbons from brocade and satin; • Figured punch; • Lighter; • Scissors; • Double-sided tape; • Spangles;
• Spoon; • Fir-tree branch; • Glue gun t.
 Christmas candle and decoration
 need to take materials
First we need to make the candle itself. Take cinder, pour them in a bowl and set to melt in a water bath. Old wicks and any unnecessary we remove, melt to a homogeneous mass.
In the meantime, you can prepare a form, cut a wick about 15 cm long, insert it into the holder, put two toothpicks on the jar , and on them we lay out the wick in the holder. You can fill the form with wax.We put in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator for about an hour to two.
make the candle itself
 we cut off the wick
We cut off the strip of green cardboard 9 * 19 cm, and the red one 7 * 19 cm. Both on the one hand, we make openwork curb hole punch. Use double-sided tape to glue them together.
 openwork curb hole punch
 openwork curb hole punch
From the napkin tear off the needed us stripes and pictures, you need to remove the uppermost part from each picture. Glue the cardboard into the ring. Prepare the decor for the stand. We tie bows, twist balls from sisal, and twist bows from stamens and berries.
 We tear off the napkin
We glue the cardboard into the ring
We wrap a ribbon with a ribbon and knit a bow, in the center we glue a cabochon-heart. On the opposite side we glue bows, a bouquet, a twig, balls of sisal and a cone.On the sides we glue the Stars with bows.
 Preparing the decor for the stand
 we put on a cabochon with a heart
We get a candle , we warm a spoon and a picture behind the picture we smooth to a candle. From above we make the gold bezel with liquid glitter.
 We glue the stars with bows on the sides
 We get a candle
Done. You can insert a candle into the decor and it turns out such a bright New Year set.

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