New 2013 Snake: how to meet?

New 2013 will be held under the auspices of the wise Snake. The fact that the new year is a celebration of good magic, magic and universal joy, we all know from childhood. Despite the fact that we have grown up and no longer believe in the fabulous Grandfather Frost and the elves, we still look forward to the onset of December 31.

Most likely, this is happening, because every adult person dreams at least for a moment to forget about the problems and return to childhood again. So that you can, as before enjoy the snow, ride with friends on a hill, sculpt a snowman and just believe in a miracle.

Growing up, we lose the ability to notice the pleasant things around us. And only on New Year's Eve, under the chiming clock, we make wishes and believe that they will come true. It is always necessary to believe in a miracle for a person, otherwise there is no point in existing. You must be one hundred percent sure that everything, even the most secret desires, is fulfilled on New Year's Eve.

To make your dreams a reality, it is important to correctly meet the new year of the snake. Every year a certain being controls the whole world, in 2013 the wise serpent takes over the reins.

In the Chinese horoscope, everything is not easy. According to him, the planet is governed not by simple animals, but by multi-colored ones. So it turns out that the coming year will be ruled by a water, black snake.

It is not difficult to guess that 2013 will be subject to the water element, which means that we are waiting for dynamic events and active life. Since Snake loves discretion, it requires appropriate behavior.

To make the holiday fun and soulful, you need to prepare for it in a few months. Take responsibility for all the little things and then on New Year's Eve you will be pleased to meet guests.

Where and how

Despite the fact that the snake does not like extraneous noise and screams, this does not mean that you need to celebrate a holiday in silence and solitude. If your budget allows you, you can generally go to some exotic country. The main thing is not where you will be at the time of the chiming clock, it is important who will be next to you.

To please the capricious Snake, New Year, you should meet people around you who are dear to you, and in which you are confident. No unfamiliar friends and distant relatives.The ideal company is family and friends. In the New Year it is useful to see your family, because it contributes to unity and harmony.

In order for your desires to be fulfilled you need to be as positive, relaxed and calm as possible. No fuss on this day!

On New Year's Eve it is better to wear a new evening dress. To please Snake, the dress must be black, blue or green. Only dark colors are relevant for the meeting of the New 2013.

The dress should fit your body, repeat all its curves, like a second skin. Therefore, before the holiday a couple of months, visit the gym. In spite of the fact that the Year of the Snake comes, it is impossible to wear dresses with a snake print. This will only annoy the mistress of the year.

From the jewelry is to choose the best and most expensive. They should look luxurious and fascinate others. Beautiful makeup and styling will complement your look. Prepare all the details of the image in advance so that you do not have to be nervous on a holiday.

It is also important to decorate beautifully the house in which you will celebrate the New Year. Pay special attention to table setting, tablecloth, napkins and dishes should be in the colors of the snake, that is, black, blue or green.

On holidays, the holiday atmosphere should reign in your house, so do not skimp on the elements of decor, and even better make them with your own hands.

What dishes to cook?

The snake adores luxurious life, so your table must be appropriate. It will be just great if you choose unusual and exotic dishes to celebrate the New Year.

You can experiment and cook all the dishes from the same cuisine, for example Spanish. Of course, you will have to tinker with their preparation, but you will remember the New Year with unusual tastes.

To meet the most important holiday of the year, buy a good drink. The snake likes expensive drinks, so please yourself with a bottle of collection wine.

If you decide to cook traditional New Year's dishes, then decorate and serve them unusually. Show your imagination and cover the royal table.

The New Year is not just a holiday, it is a record of time and an opportunity to believe in a miracle. Believe in a fairy tale, and it will happen in your life.

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