Nativity of the Virgin of 2017 - the history of a bright holiday, omens, rituals, rituals and congratulations in verse, prose and pictures

RPB-005When asked what date to celebrate the Nativity of the Mother of God in 2017, the church calendar gives an unambiguous answer - September 8 to the adherents of Catholicism and September 21 to the followers of Orthodoxy. The history of the holiday goes back many centuries and describes one of the most important religious events - the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the future mother of Jesus. With the triumph of many signs, customs and rituals are associated, which help to quickly marry, to preserve family happiness and to find well-being. One of the most common is the tradition to congratulate on the eve of the celebration of relatives and friends with beautiful words in prose, joyful verses and bright, thematic postcards containing good wishes.It creates a pleasant, joyful atmosphere around and fills the heart with God's grace.

The history of the church holiday Christmas of the Blessed Virgin Mary and how many celebrate it in 2017

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the most significant Christian events. In Orthodoxy, it is considered to be the Great Celebration, while for Catholics it has the status of a holiday. Calculate how many to celebrate in 2017, there is no need. The day has a clear date - September 8, according to the Gregorian calendar and September 21, according to the Julian calendar.


How did the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The holiday was established in honor of a significant religious event - the birth of the future mother of the Savior of mankind - Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary was born in the family of the righteous Joachim and Anna. They could not conceive a child for a long time. The husband even went to the temple, wanting to make a sacrifice to the gods, but the high priest denied him this mercy. The frustrated man retired to the desert and prayed earnestly there. His wife did the same at home and in the end the Lord heeded their requests. A heavenly angel appeared at the same time to his husband and wife and said that soon a child would appear in their family, and then their posterity would be spoken all over the world. After receiving the good news, Joachim returned home and soon Anna conceived.After 9 months, the spouses gave birth to a healthy girl, who in the future became known as the Most Holy Theotokos.

The official institution of the festival is attributed to the emperor of Byzantium Mauritius, who ruled at the end of VI and at the beginning of VII century. In Europe, Pope Innocent IV established the tradition of celebrating a celebration at the Cathedral of Lyon. Pope Gregory XI went even further and commanded on this day to hold festive vigils and serve a special liturgy. In this version, the tradition has been preserved to this day.

Signs and rites for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the whole family for well-being, health and happiness


As with any other significant religious holiday, with the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is associated with many will, customs and rituals. Some of them have forgotten over time, but some are known and revered until now. Almost all of them are aimed at honoring the fertile land, protecting the home from evil forces and bringing home prosperity, peace and prosperity.

The most popular family signs, rites and rituals

  • Dirty hands in something black are considered great luck, indicating that soon a person will receive a profitable money offer.To secure the moment of luck, take a home broom and stand on it for 2-3 minutes.
  • Friends and close relatives are going to visit newly married couples. The young wife prepares various tasty dishes for this, thereby showing how wonderful a mistress she is. If guests like everything, they present a red scarf to the woman. When the food turns out to be not very tasty or burnt, the newly-made husband is handed a whip so that he can teach the spouse to cook with his help.
  • In honor of the holiday homemade bread made from the flour of the new crop is baked, and then they are brought to church for consecration. Part of the pastry is passed on to relatives and friends, and a few buns are laid out under the icons. It is believed that baking, sprinkled with holy water, has healing power and helps get rid of ailments and diseases.
  • To protect the house and family members from the evil eye and damage, they go to the mountain ash on a holiday, ask forgiveness from the tree and tear down several branches. Houses are laid out on their 1 thing near each window, and under the front door bring a small bunch. As long as all the branches are in their places, no evil and unclean spirits can penetrate.
  • For the family home is preparing a special amulet. To do this, collect the spikelets remaining after harvest, complement them with a sprig of spruce or pine, mountain ash, viburnum and red thread tied around a thin church candle-like bouquet. Sprinkle with holy water and hang around the front door. The composition creates an invisible barrier and prevents dark forces, troubles and misfortunes from penetrating.
  • For the sake of maintaining health and gaining stamina, strength and vital energy, on a holiday, all old clothes and shoes that have not been worn for a long time are burned mercilessly. Children on the threshold of the house are doused with cold water, thus washing away from them the bad, negative energy.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - signs for girls and women for marriage, family happiness and beauty

For girls and women, there are special signs, rituals and rituals that contribute to a quick and successful marriage, easy birth of a child and preservation of outward beauty. Many believe in them so far and will definitely try to perform on the eve of the holiday. This helps to secure God's blessing and protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Women's signs and customs for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • To get married as quickly as possible, the girls take several hazel twigs, put them into a round wreath, tie them with red thread, put them in the center of a clean white dish and set fire to them. While the fire is burning, they read the following words: "As the fire goes quickly in a circle, so quickly I will go down the aisle." The remaining ashes are neatly collected into a woven bag, and then on the street they dispel it downwind. A properly performed ritual promises a happy marriage within the next year.
  • In order to attract a man and find true devotional love, they tear 1 shoot from three different willows, 1 branch from three different apple trees and 1 nut twig. Gather together and tie a green satin ribbon so that the branches are half closed. Carefully looking at the bouquet, make a wish or name the name of the man they want to fall in love with. Branches are dipped in spring water and buried under an apple tree in the most secluded corner of the garden. People's signs say that after such a ritual the groom will appear on the threshold of the girl's house in the very near future.
  • Find out how to develop a family life with the help of the most simple sewing accessories.A thread of scarlet color is threaded into the eye of a needle, but the knot is not tied at the end. Take a piece of cloth and, carefully focusing on the image of a loved one, make a few stitches and sharply pull the thread up. An easily released thread means that the groom has the most serious intentions and life with him will be comfortable, calm and pleasant. If you have to make efforts to extract the thread, the chosen one may be incorrect and the marriage union with him will be difficult and problematic. A thread torn during the ritual proves that a loved one will soon have to part forever or for a very long period of time.
  • On the day of the holiday, in the earliest morning before sunrise, the girls and women go to the river or lake and wash their face with cold water. According to ancient credentials, this action guarantees the preservation of external beauty until old age. If an unmarried young lady is bathed in the river before the first sunbeam, she will certainly be wooed this year.
  • During the morning service in the church under the icon of the Virgin women put candles, wrapped in bright paper flowers. Under them put a note with a request to send a good husband, to provide mutual understanding in the family or help conceive a child.The burned down leaflet with the request means that the Mother of God heard the calls of the prayer and will surely fulfill all her wishes.
  • So that the family was wealthy and healthy heirs were born, women cook dishes with mushrooms and fish on a holiday, and then generously distribute them to everyone who crosses the threshold of the house. If the hostess does not want to share food, there is a great risk that the Most Holy Mother of God will become angry and leave the Christian woman fruitless.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - what not to do on this significant day


There is a whole list of things that absolutely cannot be done on the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God. If these rules are ignored, the saint will be offended and will deprive a person of his divine protection. The old men are still very attentive to these prohibitions and are trying to teach the younger generation to respect the ancient religious traditions and to observe the folk customs of their ancestors.

What not to do on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Heavy physical labor, dirty work and general cleaning in an apartment or house is strictly prohibited. They are set aside for any other convenient day.
  • On the holiday table should not be meat dishes and alcohol, both strong and weak.
  • You can not slander, discuss relatives, friends and acquaintances, cultivate in yourself sad and sinful thoughts, attach to evil and ponder plans for revenge.
  • Crumbs from the dining table can not be shaken to the floor. If they accumulate too much, they will be collected in the palm and given to pets.
  • It is forbidden to quarrel, sort things out and say rude, insulting words to others. All thoughts should be bright, sincere, pure and sublime.

Beautiful and touching congratulations on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2017 in prose


The most sublime and touching congratulations in prose for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in 2017 should be devoted to older family members, friends and acquaintances of older age. It will be very pleasant and flattering for them to hear beautiful, quivering words on the day of a wonderful holiday and to understand that the younger generation respects the religious views of loved ones and tries not to forget the old folk customs.

Best examples of texts in prose for congratulations on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Congratulations on the Great holiday, Merry Christmas to the Most Holy Theotokos! I always want to remember about faith, about God, about moral values ​​that define the human essence and support the person. May life be prosperous, and being in peace. And may the Lord help us all, and our souls will be transformed!


Today, the Most Holy Mother of God, the defender of all people, has come to our world. The Mother of God went through an amazing and serious life path, which managed to temper the character, elevate the soul over ordinary problems. How I would like to wish happiness and success in life, hope for the best. Let your home will certainly feel real joy, which you can appreciate at all times, regardless of what fate has prepared. I wish you spiritual harmony and amazing opportunities, achievement of the tasks set and successful development. Believe, please, that everything will necessarily develop only in the best way. Dear man, you deserve only the best in life. Let every day be the way to the desired happiness and the possibility of the realization of the cherished dreams in reality. Congratulations!


Merry Christmas to the Blessed Virgin. Let the thoughts of your soul be pure and blameless, your deeds be good and noble, your path will be bright and happy, the love of your heart may be big and most sincere.


Today we celebrate a great holiday, the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God. He, no doubt, deserves only the warmest words and positive emotions. Please accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Merry Christmas of the Most Holy Theotokos, on a unique festive day. I wish you sincere harmony and faith in a beautiful future, sincere happiness and real joy. Let in life everything develops only in the best way. My dear little man, I so want to know that you will be able to accomplish the tasks and prove to yourself and other people that everything can be fine, and the trials and bad weather, sad moments are just a test in order to deserve amazing joy. I wish you a strong family, because only the presence of close people nearby can really warm up. Always be happy, whatever happens. Appreciate life!

Short, funny and optimistic congratulations in verses for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2017


In the verses of Merry Christmas 2017, it is appropriate to congratulate friends, co-workers, neighbors, customers, business partners and just acquaintances. Short rhymed works can be read out loud or sent as SMS messages to loved ones. Such a not burdensome sign of attention will make a good impression and make the relationship more friendly, warm and trusting.

Interesting options for congratulations in verses at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2017


Merry Christmas of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Congratulations to you today.
Let there be health and strength
Let the family be happy.

Keeps may the Queen of Heaven
From troubles and despondency, from quarrels.
Let it be filled with light
Beautiful, worthy of your house.


On the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
All sorrow and grief will go away.
Let your soul be filled with happiness,
And prayers will reach heaven.

May the intercessor our heavenly,
In nachinanya will help you.
Life will be similar to a lovely fairy tale,
Like heaven came on earth.


Merry Christmas Blessed Virgin Mary!
With bright faith, let the soul be filled.
You - love, kindness and patience,
To get away all doubts.

To make you happy beautiful
It would not be a bad time.
And it's healthy to have everyone close,
Would warm the sun radiant!


Heaven blessed
And give people miracles!
After all, the news spread across the land -
Mary the Virgin was born!

Hearts wish you open,
In them, happiness is quick to admit,
And miracles let come into life,
And you bring good luck!

Postcards and pictures with greetings for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2017


Colorful and bright themed postcards or pictures are a great congratulation on the occasion of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin 2017. They can be sent by mail to other cities and countries so that friends and acquaintances who are at a great distance clearly understand that they are not forgotten and wish them all the best. In the youth environment, it is appropriate to post greetings in pictures on personal social networking pages or send them to your phone in the form of a MMS message. This will help to introduce the younger generation to the Christian traditions, adjust it to joy and create an optimistic, positive mood at heart.

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