Mozilla browser was updated and search bar appeared at the top of the desktop. How to remove it?

With this search line, you can’t do anything at all, it’s like a glove, you can only type a search word. Even the browser opens just below, and the line is on top.
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Answered on December 19, 2016 13:24
I have not used this browser for a long time, so I cannot even say: this is a bug of the new version or just an innovation. In the old version, the search line always opened along with the browser itself and did not loom separately from it. If you plan to continue using the installed browser, try searching for information about this in its settings or on the Internet, taking into account the downloaded version and your OS. If it bothers you, remove the browser using any program for cleaning the computer and uninstalling programs, for example, CCleaner. It will reliably erase the entire program without a trace.Then either try again to reinstall from another source, or simply select a new browser that will be more convenient for you.
Thanks for the answer.

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