Mini-memo: how to combine colors in knitting

A harmonious combination of colors - one that is pleasing to the eye. And if there are general tips and recommendations on the combination of colors and shades, it is good to use them at the initial stage of knitting, when the needlewoman does not have enough experience to be able to determine and select the yarn of different colors without cheat sheets by eye. Of course, in the future the craftswoman herself intuitively chooses the yarn of the necessary shades. However, for a start it is best to focus on general recommendations on the compatibility of shades.

Often, in order not to waste extra time, the craftsman gets the sectioned yarn, and this is a good choice. But it must be remembered that this frequent transition from one color to another on the yarn literally “eats” the associated openwork pattern. Therefore, this yarn is well suited for a single simple fabric without complex patterns (or without them at all), for example, scarves or hats.

If you chose one contrasting yarn in comparison with others, then you need to remember that it is most advantageous for her to emphasize the knitted pattern.If you dislike the shade that you picked up from the general schemes and tables, do not be afraid to experiment and look for your combinations. To do this, it is useful to pre-knit a small sample of several types of yarn in order to visualize the end result.

It is best to stick with the classic color combinations that are suitable in any situation. However, we recall, if the color combination seems dull, boring, unpleasant, it is better to change it to your liking.

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