Mikhail Shufutinsky: “I Love Making Gifts for Women”

Mikhail Shufutinsky gave a concert in Perm on the eve of the main women's holiday. Before the performance, he crumbled in compliments to the residents of our city: “The most beautiful women live in Perm! I have visited concerts many times, so I can talk about it. ” And then the singer said a real toast in honor of all the ladies, even without a glass in his hands.
Mikhail Shufutinsky
Photo: Mikhail Shufutinsky archive

“I love giving women flowers and gifts,” Mikhail Shufutinsky admitted. - Although in our family, unfortunately, it is not possible to celebrate March 8. Just the family is scattered around the globe, and we can not always get together on this day. But I respect this holiday. I regret that he only once a year. Well, what reason can be better to congratulate a woman? This is a very honest holiday. Spring begins and immediately - March 8! It's so cool! Previously, on March 8 gave mimosa. There are no problems now - you can buy any flowers and present them. But modest mimosa remains favorite spring flowers.

Today is the age of an absolutely incredible pace of life. Therefore, I want to wish women, especially those who have family and children, so that they have more time and opportunities to look after themselves. Pay attention to your appearance, indulge yourself. To be in good beauty salons. I would also like their husbands or beloved men to come home with a good salary, stand firmly and, most importantly, love them! So that their children grow up in a spiritual situation, go to good schools, receive a decent education. And fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers were surrounded by warmth. It seems to be called happiness together. I want to wish this happiness to women. ”

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