Matcha - tea with amazing taste

Now all the adherents of a healthy diet and proper lifestyle say about the drink of the match. It is the national Japanese drink and is called “Matcha” in the Land of the Rising Sun. For its bright green color, it also received the name "jade drink". It has a very pronounced aroma and a pleasant sweetish taste.

But the match appeared, as it turns out, not at all in Japan, but in China. Even in ancient times, the Chinese pounded tea leaves into powder, then pressed them into small briquettes and brewed by adding mint and salt. The Japanese got tea in the 12th century thanks to the Buddhist monk Eisai. They appreciated the match, but the Chinese, on the contrary, eventually forgot about this healing drink.

Drink Features

To make a match, they use only tea leaves, which are harvested only once a year. They grow strictly in the shade and for a few weeks before picking up are specially hiding, in order to avoid sunlight.The leaves, therefore, accumulate in themselves an even greater amount of chlorophyll and antioxidants.

The highest grade, which turns into tea powder immediately after harvest, contains the greatest amount of amino acids, because it has a strong aroma and a sweet-tart flavor. Of the other varieties it turns out not so strong drink, but still very tasty.

Matcha is a completely different way of drinking tea. In the usual version, we drink the water in which it was brewed, and in the case of the “jade drink” you also absorb leaf powder. The result is stunning - the benefit of 1 cup of a match is 10 cups of ordinary green tea, because the amount of antioxidants in it is 130 times more.

Above all, this traditional Japanese drink contains many other nutrients, among them: iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, B, and C and E. It also contains a special substance - L-tianin, which contributes improve brain activity.

The obvious benefit

Due to this rich composition, the match is able to give a boost of energy and may well replace the usual morning coffee.In addition, it has a number of other useful properties.

  1. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Even spinach, which contains them in large quantities, can not be compared with this drink, because there are 60 times more of them in it.
  2. It stimulates the brain, improving attention and concentration, as well as helping to better perceive and absorb even large amounts of information.
  3. Strengthens the protective functions of the body, increases stamina.
  4. Promotes rejuvenation and gives vitality, slowing down the aging process.
  5. It is a great helper for those who are struggling with extra pounds. Energy consumption increases by more than 30%, and fat burning during active sports is 25% more efficient.
  6. Matcha is a great detox drink. It is capable of removing harmful substances and toxins from the body, including even salts of heavy metals.
  7. It is useful to use for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. It lowers cholesterol and strengthens blood vessels.
  8. If you are looking for an effective power engineer, drink the match. Giving energy and strength, he does not increase blood pressure, as does coffee.

The secret is in the right preparation.

To get the maximum dose of nutrients, you need to know how to prepare the match. To do this it is necessary in a special dish - a match-tjavan (it is a wide, low bowl) and using a bamboo measuring spoon, in which exactly 1 g of tea is placed. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of two options, depending on the strength: a koit (strong) and weaning (weak). For the preparation of the first you need to take 4 tablespoons of powder, and for the second 2 times less.

To avoid lumps, you need to use a small strainer, through which the powder is carefully wiped with a wooden spatula. Brew a drink you need hot, but not boiling water, and then beat the resulting mixture with a special whisk chachen. With it you need to achieve a homogeneous mixture, lifting from the bottom of the thicket. This should be done until a light foam appears on the surface. Milk or sugar is not added to the match, and small sweets are served to soften the bitter taste.

The Japanese use matte not only as a drink, but add it even to noodles, desserts, pastries and even sweets. And cosmetologists have long noted its effectiveness as a cosmetic product that can help cure various dermatological diseases.

Matcha is a unique drink that can give you youth and strength for many years, so feel free to include it in your diet.

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