Manual therapy Methods of conducting

Manual therapy is the best way to get rid of pains in the spine and joints without surgical interventions. The method is based on reflex and mechanical effects on the lesions, so it becomes possible to completely remove the blockade, spasms of the paravertebral muscles, normalize vascular tone, eliminate hypoxia in the tissues, restore the mobility of the articular joints, in general, return the patient to normal life.

Impact options used in the behavior of manual correction sessions

Manual spinal therapy requires a combined approach. It is advisable to use several methods of influence at once, calculated not only on the activation of the articular connection, but beneficially affecting the surrounding joint, soft tissues. These techniques are: massage, manipulation and mobilization. Regenerative massage is a preparatory stage. It eliminates pain, hypertonicity of muscles, positively affects ligaments and tendons.During mobilization, the manual therapist makes the intervertebral joints passively and at the same time sufficiently rhythmically. Manipulation becomes the final action. When it is carried out, the patient should not experience pain. If the manipulation was carried out correctly, then in the joint there is a characteristic "click". Sometimes the manipulation is replaced by a long stage of mobilization. Such a combination of manual therapy with massage allows you to get rid of radiculitis and osteochondrosis pains in just a few sessions.

Post-traumatic manual therapy

No less often than with the spine, the manual therapists are treated with pain in the knee joints. In some cases, patients need rehabilitation after trauma. To try as much as possible to restore the mobility of the knee and give the patient a chance to fully walk the specialist may need additional information about the condition of the joint. The most complete current picture will be able to demonstrate an MRI of the knee joint. To pass such a survey today is not problematic. MRI can be done at any clinic and at any time.It does not even need a referral. If the results of studies confirm that there are no ligament tears, meniscus damage and inflammatory processes in the knee joint, the manual therapist will be able to develop effective rehabilitation tactics, after the course of which, the patient is guaranteed to return to active life.

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