Making the dream body: 8 exercises with a TRX simulator + video

Do you want the same relief as Victoria's Secret angels? Then try the suspended loop training! Personal trainer Yuri Sdobnikov showed, and we filmed eight effective exercises with the TRX simulator.

Do not be embarrassed by the fact that this uncomplicated simulator was constructed “on the knee” of banal ropes for training special forces, because it, like all cumbersome fitness lotions (if they don’t say so, then just pieces), will transform your figure beyond recognition. A cunning suspension system, depending on the length of the loops and the height of the fixtures, allows you to perform exercises on all muscle groups using your own weight, developing strength, flexibility, vestibular apparatus, elasticity of joints, ligaments and tendons. And in most exercises, all these functions are used simultaneously. The main thing is will, correct technique, patience and constancy, because one practice of a miracle - even on New Year's Eve - will not work.

Exercise number 1

Squatting with elbows

Initial position: stand facing the mount, put the legs on the width of the hip joints, feet parallel to each other. Hands stretch out in front of him, shoulders lowered, back straight.

Go:do squats to a 90 degree angle in the knee joints, straighten your legs.

On the exhale, bend your arms and with a breath, spread your elbows in different directions, focusing on the muscles of the back and shoulders. Perform 15–20 repetitions of 2-3 approaches.

What works:the quadriceps muscle of the thigh, the muscles of the shoulder joint and the hands (the back bundle of the deltoid muscle, the biceps, the shoulder muscle).

Exercise number 2

Lunges back to the mount with the dilution of hands

Initial position: stand with your back to the mount, arms stretched at shoulder level, back straight.

Go:make a broad lunge forward, while raising up his hands. Lowering your arms, return to the starting position. Alternating the attacks on the right and left foot, perform 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

What works:muscles of the shoulder joint and thigh.

Exercise 3

Squatting on one leg with your back to the mount ("Back gun")

Initial position: stand with your back to the mount, put the foot in the loop so that the sole is perpendicular to the arms.The back is straight, the arms are extended upwards or sideways - do not let the body lean forward. Straighten your back leg so it will be easier to maintain balance and stability.

Go:Squat to a 90 degree angle in the knee joint, unbend your leg, leaving a few degrees until complete extension. Squatting, make sure that the knee does not go forward behind the toes of the foot and move only in the front-back plane. Start with 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each leg, gradually increasing to 20. For complication, you can add a jump.

What works:gluteus and thigh muscles.

Exercise 4

Biceps flexion

Initial position: standing facing the fastening, leaning back, holding the hinges with your hands; arms extended shoulder-width palms up.

Go:we make flexion and extension in the elbow joint, if possible, with hands on the head. The closer you get to the mount - the harder it gets, the farther you go - the easier (this, by the way, applies to all exercises that are performed from a standing position facing the mount).

What works:biceps of the shoulder (biceps) and the muscles of the forearm.When making fists behind the head, the deltoid muscle is additionally included in the work.

Exercise 5

Bending and spreading the legs, lying on your back

Initial position: Lie on your back, legs stretched, heels in loops, arms along the body.

Go:when lifting your pelvis from the floor, spread your straight legs as wide as possible, hold for 3–5 seconds. Return to the starting position. When mixing the legs, the loops should not touch each other. For complications, do not lower the pelvis to the floor. This exercise can be varied by flexing (alternate) legs to the stomach. Do 2-3 sets of 15-12 repetitions.

What works:back of thigh, buttocks, back muscles, abs.

Exercise number 6

Press "Clip"

Initial position: Lay down on the stomach with the support lying down, legs in loops, pelvis raised parallel to the floor, palms are under the shoulder joints, look forward.

Go:Start with the "bar", keeping the body in a straight position for as long as possible. For complication, you can add leg flexion to the stomach or perform a side plank. Do 2-3 approaches whenever possible every time to failure.

What works:straight abdominal muscles.

Exercise number 7

"Side lath"

Initial position:lying on his side, straight legs - in hinges (upper leg in front), upper arm extended upwards.

Go:relying on the elbow joint, raise the pelvis to parallel with the floor. Lower it. If it is difficult - grab your free hand on the floor, helping yourself to keep the body in a horizontal position. Change the side of the stomach down, if possible without lying on the floor. Lean on the elbow joint of the opposite arm. Perform 2-3 approaches whenever possible until failure.

What works:obliques.

Exercise number 8


Initial position:standing on the left foot, right - in the loop.

Go:when bending the leg-free loop, lower into the support while lying down, straighten the leg in the rest position while lying, lift it off the floor, bringing it to the leg that is in the loop. Bend your free leg, put your foot at the level of the hip joint, lifting your palms from the floor, unbend your leg, move your body to an upright position. Perform 2–3 sets of 5–7 repetitions on each leg, alternating the right and left.

This is quite a difficult exercise. First of all, it is better to master its simplified version - without a jump (as in the video). And only after you can make the complication with a jump with cotton in the vertical position and pressing in the horizontal.Increase the number of repetitions and the speed of their execution in accordance with your capabilities.

What works:the whole body works.

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