Green Eye Makeup


Green eyes are a real gift of nature that a person receives with birth. They were admired by people in all ages, they were envied by their owners, and in ancient times they were endowed with mythical, superhuman capabilities. For fashion designers, stylists and makeup artists, this eye color is a real field for the flight of creative fantasy. It combines a great many shades of cold and heat, they can be made brighter with the help of cosmetics or change the shade of color. They come up with classic hands and charming with their simplicity make-up. However, in order to properly emphasize the dignity, and not to disturb the natural balance, you need to know a few tricks of the correct imposition of makeup for green eyes.

Makeup for green eyes

How to eliminate mistakes in makeup for green eyes?

To learn how to choose the right palette of cosmetics for green eyes, you need to eliminate the most common mistakes of this choice:

Any real diamond requires a beautiful rim. Therefore, the frame of green eyes should be no less bright than this amazing color itself.Use clear, non-defiantly bright pencils to outline the eyes and edit the eyebrow line;
In choosing the shade of the eyeshadow, avoid copying the eye color. Even less impressive are the gray colors of the shadows. This is especially true for owners of gray with a greenish tint of the irises;

For those whose eyes have a more transparent, light tone, stylists advise to avoid in the makeup of too catchy shades.

Badly look sharp long arrows in the upper eyelid of those who are born with light green eyes. It is not recommended to make a clear outline of the lower eyelid. This will make the eyes fade, and their color will be “lost”, and will become bright and indefinite;
Experts in one voice recommend the use of warm shades of pink for the shadows. However, this choice should also be approached carefully. Look at the pink shades with reddish, violet hues, but always warm. It is not recommended to use saturated salmon and peach tones;
An oily liner and charcoal pencil will make your look heavy and tired. Day make-up for green eyes is performed in semi-transparent velvet shades of beige and chocolate.The same can be said about eye contouring devices - a felt-tip pen and a pencil. Colors - chocolate or cinnamon, avoid blacks;
In the choice of cosmetics from the category of decorative cosmetics, eliminate shades of cold. Completely discard the blue flowers. Green and bluish tones can not be used in conjunction, only one by one.

Makeup for green eyes

Daily, simple makeup for green eyes

Every person in the morning wants to sleep a few more minutes. Therefore, women who spend a lot of time on cosmetics are hard to understand. But there is a way out - stylists offer simple, daily makeup for green-eyed beauties. It will not take much time (15 minutes), but it will look great, but it will stay for a long time:

To correct skin imperfections, use a cream or corrector;
From above, distribute the cream-based skin tone;
Apply a translucent shade of olive or cinnamon color on the space under the eyebrows;
Darken the outer corner of each eye with shadows that are richer than the base color. It looks good similar technique for almond eyes with raised corners;
Draw a line of eyelashes along the eyelid with a thin strip of brown pencil;
Give your eyelashes fluffy mascara the color of dark chocolate.

A bright touch to the daily make-up can be made with the help of shadows of catchy shades.

If you still like cold colors in cosmetics, try purple, smoky or pink with mother of pearl.

Makeup "cat look" for green eyes step by step

Green-eyed girls consider this type of makeup one of the most beloved. Probably also because it can be used both for publication and for office style. However, there are some nuances here too - for women who have too narrow a cut of eyes, this kind of makeup will not work. Because the arrows of any kind will make your eyes even smaller and narrower.

For make-up, as usual, you need to correct the imperfections of the skin with a corrector and apply a gentle, semi-transparent base;
For a perfect make-up "cat look" you do not need to highlight the dark corners of the eyes. It is enough to put the main tone of light shades;
Take a cinnamon-colored eyeliner, and draw a continuous thin line close to the eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye to the very tip of the eye;
The outer corner of the eye is decorated with a thin tail. It is not necessary to try to make the line immediately uniform and filled with color;

Now paint over the strip the way you like it. Somewhere tweak to align or lift it, somewhere to re-fill it with color. Just keep in mind that a thick line visually enlarges the eye in width, and a long and thin one lengthens it;
Now make another correction line for the old one, putting them together;
In this makeup you can do without the carcass. Some women, to visually lengthen the eyes, and make their expression even more “feline”, apply mascara on the eyelashes of the outer corners.

If you want to draw an invisible arrow for business makeup, use simple advice:

Line the arrow point movements from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. To do this, draw a clear line is not necessary, it is enough to fill the distance between the cilia with a brown pencil;
Raise the arrow just above the level of the outer corner of the eye, and draw it with a non-bold pencil;
Apply brown volume to your eyelashes.

Daytime makeup involves "cat" arrows with short tails. In the evening appropriate long.

Particularly sexy and attractive are the arrows, which are connected by sharp long tails at the outer corner, and surround the entire eye completely.

In this case, the tail of the outer corner of the arrow should be directed upwards.

Another version of the arrows for evening makeup - arrows, between which there is space. To do this, the upper arrow rises at the outer corner a little higher, and the lower one descends below, but the contour repeats the upper pattern. Everything is gently shaded, the edges of the tails should be thin to the ends, turning into an almost imperceptible line. Between the two arrows in the outer corner of the eye, the color of the shadows should be light - for contrast. The inner corners of the eye must be drawn along the outer contour so that they converge at the sharp tip.

For those who want to visually expand the eyes, the arrows need to start drawing not from the inner corner of the eyelid, but from the middle of the ciliary contour of the eyelid.

Makeup for green eyes

Evening makeup for green eyes

It has already been mentioned that green eyes do not like too dark a black stroke.Therefore, in the evening make-up version, it is better to use chocolate tones as a basis in order to give a look languid smokyness.

Retouch your face skin with a corrector. Apply foundation and powder with a special brush and loose powder light texture;
The first step in applying makeup is to give your eyebrows the perfect shape. Use cool brown shades. It is necessary that the structure is not a soft pencil;
Put shadows on the upper outer corner of the fixed eyelid. Choose gentle shades of champagne, beige, or better - light, almost white, color. Glittering shadows are ideal;
For the upper fixed eyelid, select the basis for the color of ripe olive, salmon or chocolate shades. Tender them so that there is no border between the flowers, but do not allow complete mixing of colors;
Move the eyelid with a more saturated tone of the shadows. Use at least two shades of chocolate color. Apply a darker color to the outer corner of the upper eyelid and paint the inner one with lighter shades. Rastushuyte border;
Apply light shadows to the inner corner of the upper eyelid.
Contour the lower eyelid with a pencil shade of shiny bronze. Chocolate shimmer shadows can be used instead;

Makeup for green eyes

For the final accent, draw an arrow on the upper eyelid. Use the "cat's eye" technique. To do this, take a finely sharpened pencil, liquid eyeliner or cosmetic marker. If you want to achieve the clarity of the lines, then take in hands the eyeliner. Interested in makeup, with the help of which your eyes will become soft and languid, it is better to use a pencil. As mentioned above, do not use charcoal-colored pencils, eyeliners and felt-tip pens. Better brown and gray;
Draw this line along the inside of the lower eyelid from one to the other corner of the eye;
For eyelashes, use mascara with a volume effect.

Makeup for green eye color and different hair color

If you have green eyes from birth, light translucent skin and chestnut curls, you will need the rules of make-up for dark-haired. These include the following:

In choosing the color of the shadows be guided by the principle - “the closer to natural, the better.”The olive color, cinnamon and golden, will look great in this combination. For those who like cold colors, you can advise you to choose shades of marsh and smoky. Do not choose bright green shadows in the palette. You will lose a significant part of the natural beauty, and make your eyes a blurry spot. For the “winter” color type with green eyes, there are several other color options that are applicable in makeup - purple, lilac, peach, closer to reddish hues. If a woman’s skin and hair type is closer to spring and summer, use exceptionally warm shades of flowers;

Makeup for green eyes

It is strictly not recommended to use chocolate and bronze shades as a rouge. They will have the opposite effect of the desired - they will make the form painful;
For lips in a daily make-up, select fresh, delicate shades of salmon, caramel, transparent golden. Evening makeup can be supplemented with lipstick in catchy colors of the same shades.

If you are a delightful blonde with green eyes, try to adhere to the following nuances when applying cosmetics:

Do not make the eyebrow line too bright and clear. It will look unnatural on the background of blond hair.If it is not correct to choose a shade and overdo it with color, make-up will become defiant up to vulgarity;
Shadows pick up light shades of green, it is better that they were with a grayish tint. In addition, suitable olive, beige tones and shades of gold. Remarkably goes to this combination of natural data shade of brandy. For festive makeup, use plum and dark brown;

Blush pick pastel shades of peach and beige. If the skin is not bright, try to shade it with blushes of bronze tones.

For daily makeup, choose shades of lipstick or lip gloss pastel pinkish tones or with a natural shade. Only under an evening dress you can make-up lips juicy scarlet color.

Green-eyed brown-haired women can advise the following rules in choosing a palette of decorative cosmetics for applying makeup:

In the choice of shades of shadows for day makeup restrictions, practically, does not exist. Select cosmetics in accordance with your color type. Bright and stylish makeup can be made using rich brown, ruby ​​or cherry shadows;
For blush suitable all natural shades, closer to the original skin color. Do not use pink blush;
Violet shades are perfect for these women. Experiment and look for options and means of colors. It can be lip gloss, lipstick in the color of tinta.

Makeup for green eyes

And a few more tips on choosing eye shadows. Favorite green-eyed beauties shadows of the same color, you need to use with extreme caution. An improperly chosen shade, instead of emphasizing the magnificence of the natural color, will make your eyes dull and resemble ice-cold fish. The makeup itself in greenish tones looks impressive, but the bright circle around the iris "goes out."

When making a make-up, which is based on shades of green, remember that it requires an obligatory combination with shadows of a different color. It is better to use lilac, mauve or delicate pink. Choose shades of green, the shade of which is somewhat lighter than the edging of the iris. This allows you to highlight the color of the eyes.

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