Make-up after 40 years

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How to look young after forty years. Indeed, during this period the skin begins to lose elasticity, and wrinkles become noticeable. Proper nutrition and beauty treatments will help to keep the tone, and decorative cosmetics will hide the problems that have arisen. If you master the skill of applying anti-aging makeup, you will always look younger than your age.

Skin care after 40 years

How effective the makeup will be depends on the condition of the skin. If it shows oily shine or peeling, then you will look untidy, which will only add years. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate care for your skin type.

Make-up after 40 years

More often in women after 40 face dry. After washing, a feeling of tightness appears and you want to apply the cream more quickly. This is due to the fact that with age it produces less sebum, the upper layers of the dermis become thinner and more sensitive. This provokes the appearance of the first wrinkles in the eyes and lips, which over the years will become more noticeable. Skin color is also undergoing changes.It becomes uneven, pigment spots appear.

These problems will appear much later, if you choose the right skin care after 40 years:

Cleanse your face with delicate cleansers. It can be a foam, mousse or milk. They do not contain aggressive ingredients and do not dry out the skin.
After washing in the morning, apply a rejuvenating cream.
2-3 times a week make collagen masks.
Visit the cosmetologist, do a mesotherapy, biorevitalization, photorejuvenation.
Day cream must contain UV protection.
Wax anti-aging cosmetics includes hyaluronic acid, fruit acids, vitamins A and E, grape seed oil, wheat germ oil and plant extracts.

Skin condition is affected by lifestyle. Smoking, addiction to alcohol, lack of sleep and stress lead to premature aging.

Make-up at this age can not be avoided, but following the rules of care, the use of decorative cosmetics will be reduced to a minimum.

What is age makeup

Age-related makeup differs in that he not only makes the woman brighter, but also performs a number of other tasks: gives the person freshness and grooming, looks natural, does not add years and, if possible, is young.

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and sags. From this, the corners of the eyes and lips gradually come down, the expression on the face becomes tired and gloomy. To solve the problem will help the correct application of cosmetics, which visually lift the facial features.

Make-up after 40 years

Another feature of age make-up is that he does not tolerate mistakes. Therefore, choose high-quality cosmetics that will not flow and will not be erased at the wrong time. Do not save on decorative tools. Let you have them a little, but they will not let you down.

Makeup rules after 40 years

To make up visually diminish your years, you need to adhere to the rules for choosing and applying cosmetics:

The less makeup on the face, the better. A thick layer of foundation will hide all the flaws of the skin, but at the slightest movement of the muscles of the face, it will gather in folds. The tonal framework should be light and weightless so as not to create a mask effect.
Lipstick, eye shadow and rouge choose matte shades. Sequins and shining textures are inappropriate after 40 years, they look unnatural and vulgar.
Pigment spots and dark circles under the eyes should be masked with a corrector. Otherwise they will give out age.
If on the face vascular asterisks are visible, they can be hidden by a concealer of green color.
Naturalness should be in everything. Make eye makeup and lips in natural natural shades (peach, olive, beige).

Equally important to give the correct shape of the eyebrows, they should not be too thick or thin.

After forty years the woman has already found herself, achieved a lot in life, became a mother, reached the heights at work. In her soul reigns harmony and tranquility. And makeup should reflect the internal state.

Make-up mistakes after 40 years

Wanting to look younger, women choose the wrong tactics. They dress vulgarly, brightly colored and make youth hairstyles. But all this only shows their age, and sometimes adds a few years. In order not to look ridiculous, avoid the following mistakes in make-up after 40 years:

Do not use pink eye shadow and lipstick. Young girls this color gives innocence. But in adulthood, it strongly contrasts with the color of the skin, highlights its shortcomings, including wrinkles.
Do not sum your eyes with a black pencil. Better choose a gray or olive tint.
Do not paint the lower eyelashes with mascara. It makes the view heavier.
Do not use bright colors in makeup, they will draw attention to the face.
Be sure to apply the shadow. At this age, the eyelid skin sags, and this defect adds years. The correct technique of eye makeup will help to hide it.

Make-up after 40 years

Do not ignore the neck and neckline. Here the skin quickly loses its elasticity, so it needs to be covered with a tonal base.
Always apply a peach or beige rouge blush. Skin after forty lacks natural freshness.
Do not use sparkles and nacre. They, as well as bright shades, attract other people's views. In addition, they have a peculiarity of clogging up wrinkles and making them visible.

When choosing makeup products avoid thick and greasy textures. They will create a film on the face that highlights the flaws. Light tonal framework, silk shadows and blush, mascara and matte lipstick are all that is needed for daytime make up.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup should be your daily ritual. Without shadows you will look dull and tired. To properly highlight the eyes, you need to use 2-3 shades of the same color. So you will disguise the hanging eyelid and make your eyes shine.

When choosing colors, give preference to coffee, beige, olive, brown shades. To keep the shadows longer, apply eyelids before applying them. It is better to choose friable or dry shadows, as cream ones eventually roll and rub off.

Make-up after 40 years

If desired, you can select the line of the eye with a neat thin arrow. Instead of using a pencil, use a pencil instead of black, brown, gray or olive. If you want to bring the lower eyelid, do not forget to shade the line.

Buying carcasses should be taken seriously. Do not choose a water-resistant agent, as it makes eyelashes thinner. Use it only in extreme cases. For every day, get brown mascara, and to go out into the light black.

Lip makeup

Shine and bright lipstick for lips in makeup after 40 years are inappropriate. Choose matte textures and muted deep colors. They will not clog and secrete fine lines around the mouth. To make-up lasted longer, use a pencil, matched in color lipstick. If it is a lot of wrinkles, then it is better to refuse a contour.

After 40 years, the skin on the lips begins to dry rapidly, so before applying lipstick it should be moistened.

Light lipstick will make your lips pale and you will have a painful look.Dark will reduce their volume, which does not add to the attractiveness. Therefore, it remains to seek a middle ground in neutral shades. Do not use hot pink, purple, scarlet and crimson colors.

The most successful shade for age makeup - light red. It will suit all women without exception. It is also recommended to use beige, skin and peach lipstick with a pinkish tone.

To make the volume too thin lips will help foundation. Apply a small amount to the middle of the upper and lower lips and blend. Instead of a cream, you can use a drop of lip gloss.

Make-up after 40 years

Nothing makes a woman so young as a beautiful and snow-white smile. Therefore, monitor the health of your teeth and periodically visit the dentist. Yellow patina neutralizes the effect of any competent age makeup.

Face makeup

Hide age-related facial changes will help. Light shades distract attention, and dark ones, on the contrary, attract. Therefore, nasolabial folds, corners of the lips and lower eyelid, tinted light correction, and cheekbones highlight dark, giving the face an elongated shape.

The color of the tonal base should match the skin tone or be slightly lighter.This will help to visually refresh the appearance and hide the wrinkles that appear. Do not choose products with a dense texture, they should be weightless and not be felt on the face. For these purposes, perfect base with a satin texture. Apply it in one thin layer.

Then powder your face a little. If you accidentally overdo it, shake off the excess with a brush. For powder, the main thing is that it does not clog pores, so preference should be given to the composition with minerals.

Stop using the highlighter and mother-of-pearl textures. The face must be matte to look as well-groomed as possible.

Mature skin is more often dry, but there are women with a fat type. For them, the main thing is that the glitter does not mess up the makeup. Therefore, you need to choose high-quality matting agents.

Blusher will help to give the face a toned look. They need to be applied to the cheekbones along the line running from the chin to the ear. You do not need to highlight this area, just a little money to create a play of light and shadow. For women after 40, calm beige and peach shades are suitable.

Day makeup

To make a beautiful makeup for every day, follow the rules described above.It may seem that it is too difficult, but if you put them into practice, everything will be much easier than you thought.

Make-up after 40 years

To create make up, you will need:

corrector of a dark and light shade;
tonal framework;
lip contour;
Matt lipstick.

The main rule of creating a daily make-up after 40 years is the absence of bright and screaming colors and light-reflecting textures. The most pleasant thing is that this make-up is suitable for any outfit, since it contains exclusively natural neutral shades. You do not have to wrestle every day, what palette to choose today.

Make-up after 40 years

A discreet and elegant image is what a woman should strive for when she overcomes the 40-year mark. So she will emphasize her natural beauty and avoid many mistakes.

evening make-up

Evening makeup after 40 years differs from daylight a few touches. Adding them to your usual make-up, you get a bright and perfect image:

Use graphite shades. Draw them the growth line of the upper eyelashes, the outer corner of the eye and the lower line of the eyelash growth 1/3 of its length.
Under the outer edge of the eyebrow, apply shades of ivory.
For evening make-up, red lipstick is suitable. In the middle of the lips drip pearly or transparent gloss.
If desired, draw an arrow. But this should be done in dark gray or dark brown shadows, so that it is convenient to shade. Clear lines, which leads eyeliner, look carelessly on skin that has lost its elasticity.
Visually tighten the face will help powder of a dark shade. Apply it on the cheekbones, along the hairline on the forehead and on the tip of the chin.

In the evening make-up important to focus on the eyes or lips. If you select both, you get a vulgar and flashy image.

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