Luntik Knitted Set

Knitted set Luntik- knit crochet for the baby a beautiful set of hats and mittens.

Materials and tools:

  1. 300 grams of yarn (100 grams - 300 meters, 49% merino, 51% acrylic) in purple;
  2. A bit of pink, white and black yarn
  3. crochet number 3.5.


  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. Art. b / n - a column without a crochet.

Knitting description

The whole set is knitted with a thread in two additions (except for a scarf), the set is designed for 2 years.


Violet thread in two additions we type 2 air. and knit in this ring 6 tbsp. b / n, in the 2nd row we double the number of columns to 12 in each subsequent row we add 6 loops to the desired size of the bottom, then we stop adding and we knit in a circle to the desired depth. For the ears, we type on the one side of the cap 9 of Art. b / n and knit 3 rows 9 tbsp. b / n, then in 4, 5, 6 rows we decrease 1 loop from both sides and in the last row we knit the required amount of air. for a string, similarly we knit a second eye.


The purple part is knitted with a thread in one addition.

We collect 10 airs. and knit 2 rows of art.b / n, then in three subsequent rows we add 2 loops from two sides, then we knit a row without additions, and in the next row we start decreasing 1 loop from each side. So we knit until there is no 1 loop left.

We knit 4 such details.

In the same way we knit the ears from the pink thread and connect them with the violet sb.


White thread dial 2 air speed and knit in the ring 6 air.p.

2 row: 12 tbsp. b / n;

W row: 18 art. b / n;

4 row: 24 tbsp. b / n, we knit 2 parts.

Black thread dial 2 air speed. and, similarly, we knit 2 rows, a black pupil is embroidered with a white thread on black.


We knit like eyes.


We sew all the details to the cap according to the picture, we sew eyebrows, nose and mouth.


Dial 2 airs. and knit in the ring 6 tbsp. b / n, in the 2nd row of 12 tbsp. b / n, in subsequent rows we continue to increase to the desired width, then we knit in a circle, only 12-13 rows, in the next row we make a hole for the thumb, for this we knit 4 meters in the middle of the row, the cuff of the mitten is knitted on the needles 2x2 rubber band, but you can also crochet.

For the thumb, type the required number of loops along the edge of the hole and knit   Art. b / n along the length of the finger.


We knit just like big ears, just type 6 air blowers each.


We knit on the principle of large only the right size.




All items sew, mouth, eyebrows and nose embroider.

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