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The French film "Amelie" has long become a cult film about love. The film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet won fans on all continents, and actress Audrey Tautou after the premiere became one of the brightest stars of European and world cinema. The film "Amelie" is a story about an eccentric girl from a small suburb of Paris. Since childhood, she is a little different from other children. Amelie is a born dreamer who has no real friends. The girl has to entertain herself with her own fantasies, in which she lives right up to adulthood. Adult Amelie becomes cramped in the parents' house and she, spreading her wings, rushes to romantic Paris. Her fantasies and dreams, however, do not disappear anywhere.


Amelie still dreams of being significant.She wants to do good, but the main thing she is madly wants to meet her soul mate. Once upon a time, subtle, intricate lines of fate confront Amelie with an awkward young man on a motor scooter who collects discarded and torn photos of strangers. Such a strange person can not pass by Amelie. She finally falls in love for real, but the path to union is not so simple. The film is filled with the charm of Parisian streets with their markets, cafes and squares. It will meet a very different audience, where there are good and bad characters.


For those who pursue novelties, we offer to see a fantastic picture of “She” from star director Spike Jones. This film is nominated for an Oscar-2014. ” The film starred such movie stars as Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams. In the film "She" shows the reverse side of love. The protagonist Theodore is deeply going through a period of divorce from his wife. Theodore lives in the world of the future, where computer technologies have reached such a level that people can freely use artificial intelligence programs. Theodore is a man with a very vulnerable soul, tuned to a sentimental wave.


His sensuality helps him in his work, where he writes soulful letters for strangers. Involuntarily in touch with the emotions of strangers, Theodore feels his pain even deeper. Loneliness becomes unbearable to him, so he decides to get himself an artificial intelligence program. She calls herself Samantha and becomes him not just a friend, but also something more.

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