List of the best activators for eyelashes

Almost every woman dreams about thick, lush eyelashes. After all, with them and the eyes become more expressive, and look more attractive. But is it possible to make them thicker without resorting to buildup? We have prepared for you an overview of the tools that will help to do this at home without much difficulty.

For a charming look

They do not break, they look beautiful even without the use of mascara - is it possible? Of course. One has only to choose from a large assortment of cosmetic products the tool that is ideal for you. Just a few weeks, and you will notice an incredible result. Already intrigued? Then here is our list of the most effective eyelash activators:

Queen lash

This product is a follower of the well-known drug Careprost (reduces intraocular pressure, and stimulates eyelash growth as a side effect). Queen Lash has no therapeutic purpose, contains peptides and plant extracts that help enhance pigmentation and activate growth.

Special brush allows you to economically use Queen Lash and get the first noticeable results in a month.

Almea Eyelash Serum Xlash

One of the best activators that are recommended for use after eyelash extensions. Especially when his condition was quite deplorable. The undoubted advantage of the drug is its natural composition, no dangerous additives that can cause allergies.

This is the case when the manufacturer has combined the age-old experience of the ancestors with modern technology. Usma leaf extract, which was known several thousand years ago, works great in combination with coral extracts and tannin.

Advanced lash line

Professional product line that can be used simultaneously for eyelashes and eyebrows. The price, of course, bites (an average of $ 60), but the effect appears fairly quickly and lasts a long time.

The main effect is peptides. They affect the edges of the eyelids, where the hair follicles are located. And sodium hyaluronate makes hair more durable and smooth, giving them a natural shine.

L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

As part of this regenerating serum - arginine and Centella Asiatica extract.Thanks to such components, the product not only accelerates the growth of hairs, but also makes them more durable, creating an invisible barrier from aggressive environmental influences.

The effect of 2 in 1 - elongation and recovery.

Mavala Double-lash

Therapeutic gel of the Swiss manufacturer. It is great for restoring eyelashes and as a base-strengthener for mascara. Proteins of silk and oil will add shine, elasticity and seductive bend.


Producer (Austria) promises to increase the length of eyelashes by almost 40-50%, and the density - in 1,5-2 times. How is this possible? Thanks to the prostaglandins. These are the substances that our body synthesizes, and their increased concentration just leads to hair growth.


This ambulance for the rapid growth of eyelashes. Creom accelerates cellular metabolism, allowing hairs to grow 17% faster. Those who have already tried on themselves the effect of this tool, note its visible effect and recommend to apply it even before makeup. Thus, the cosmetics will go more smoothly and gently.


Specialists of the American company Athena Cosmetics claim that eyelashes, like skin, react sharply to stresses. Therefore, they also need to be protected.For this purpose it is advisable to use special means for growth and strengthening.

RevitaLash is one of those. It is based on the bio-peptin complex, which, together with vitamins and amino acids, makes it possible to “cure” even the most tired eyelashes. The same substances prevent fragility and excessive loss.

Lash & Brow Building Serum, Mary Kay

This serum contains the most effective substances - petids, amino acids and red clover extract. They perfectly nourish the hair follicles, thereby "forcing" them to work more actively.

Eveline Sos Lash Booster

This is where the masters of the brand took care of female beauty. Serum 5v1 not only improves the growth of eyelashes, but also enhances the effect of mascara, helps to lengthen, curl and give volume to even the thinnest and rarest hairs.

The tool has a very light texture, easy to apply and does not crumble. And the elastic brush allows to use serum very economically.

Chic eyelashes without extensions - a reality. Just find your tool among the list of the best. Be beautiful!

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